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Hi… my name is David Glendinning. I work with quite a few Salon & Spa owners, guiding them through the maze of the internet world and identifying real “opportunities” for them to massively improve their online business presence.

And when we work out where they are making the mistakes, or haven’t quite got it right, they are amazed at the difference it makes.

The telephone starts to ring, appointments are made… and they feel like kicking themselves that they never got this right before. They realize the “lost business” that they’ve let slip through their fingers.

It’s such things as;

  • setting up a new website or replacing an existing website
  • tweaking their website a little to capture their visitors attention and getting them to respond
  • setting up an email promotion that gets the telephone ringing within5 to 10 minutes of sending it out with clients wanting to buy.
  • Improving their Google Adwords campaign to get more clicks that cost a lot less and improve response.
  • ranking higher in search engines which gets more visitors to their website.
  • how to grow a Facebook list and what to say to attract more clients into the business.

These are just a few of the activities that I do for these clients. There are many more.

Right now, in your area, you’re competing with quite a few other Salons & Spas. You’re competing to attract NEW clients, you’re competing to KEEP your existing clients.

And the internet really is the BIGGEST opportunity for you to jump ahead of your competition.

The fact is… your potential NEW clients are looking on the internet for your services… and your EXISTING clients use the internet daily to communicate and search for information.

The Internet is the best tool YOU can use right now to market your services. It’s low cost, affordable and many times more effective than other media.

If you’ve been “on the fence” about improving your online business presence but you haven’t taken ACTION yet… and you’d like to actually DO IT this time, then we need to talk.

I’m looking for 5 Salon or Spa owners who are keen to create a REAL internet presence for their business and get some “hand holding” personalized help as they do it.

I’ll work with 5 “switched-on” Salon or Spa owners to help them design their “Online Salon/Spa Success Plan” and launch their internet presence FAST.

You won’t need a big budget! I can design an affordable system for you that has you moving in the right direction.

PLUS, I’ll create a promotion for you that brings money in quickly – A promotion that’s profitable with clients wanting more of what you have to offer.

If you’d like to be one of the 5 to work with me, where I “hand hold” you through the process of growing an online presence, that puts you ahead of your competition, then go and register at the link below;

Click Here To Register

NOTE: Please only register if you’re SERIOUS about wanting to create a more effective online presence. I’m going to invest real time with the 5 people I select to work with.

Looking forward to helping you build your business online…

To Your Salon Success

David Glendinning