Shame For You Not To Make Good Money In Your Salon Or Spa
When These Women Do It So Easily…

An Important Message For Salon & Spa Owners

Salon 1: made $4,110 in just over 7 days
Salon 2: made $2,055 in 7 days
Salon 3: made $2,055 in 7 days
Salon 4: made $5,480 in 7 days

David Glendinning – Internet Strategist For Salon Owners

Recently, you may have received information from me, on how salon owners are reaping the rewards of email campaigns.

It’s not the only way to sell your products and services… but it’s quick, low-cost, with instant results providing the quick cash injection you may need.

PLUS, it gets your clients coming back into your business more often.

I’ve got some results to show you… of 4 salons who recently had me setup email promotions for their businesses.

But first, I just want to share something else with you.

And yes, this page is a little long, but I promise you that the education you’ll receive will be well worth the few minutes it takes you to read this.

Fact is, we all know doing business today is tougher than ever.

And as salon & spa owners, having to constantly come up with ideas to bring in the money is tough.

It’s not what you signed up for!

You know you do a good job running your salon or spa.  You offer quality services, quality products, and you try to hire the best staff.  On top of that, you’re honest with your customers and you always try and do the right thing.

And let’s face it: you really care about treating your customers right!  You deserve to be making a lot more money… and if technical expertise, quality service, honesty, and attention to detail were all that was needed to make all the money you wanted to, you’d already be doing it.

Yet salon & spa owners think that just because they have great skills, great customer service and great products that they will have success. That their business will grow and they will make a lot of money.  That people will beat a path to their door.

It’s totally FALSE!

Here’s the BRUTAL reality:

The only way you are going to make a lot of money in your business, is if you can get the phone to ring continuously, and predictably, (in any economic climate) with prospects who are willing to pay your prices and not even THINK about shopping with your competitors.

The hard, cold fact of life is that those salon or spa owners who have learned the secrets of powerful, effective Marketing Systems are the ones who will always make the most money… regardless of their skills!

I know it’s not fair… but who said life is fair!

The Path To Success

So I’m going to give it to you straight, without the sugar-coating…  and if you can handle the frank truth, you WILL be well rewarded.

You can either fight this fact and continue to struggle, or you can change—embrace this radically new concept and experience dramatic increases in your revenue… PLUS an enormous competitive advantage over everybody else in your area.

That’s the path to success in your business.

You see… salon and spa owners are usually so busy running their business that they miss the hidden profit opportunities that already exist.

It’s usually right there in front of them… you don’t need to spend a bucket load of money on some new fancy idea, trying to attract a flood of new clients through your doors, you just need to make the best use of what you already have!

And that’s… Your existing clients!

It’s as simple as getting your message in front of them.

And one of the BEST tools to achieve that, that you can use right now, is sending out an email!

Done right, you’ll make money.

Done wrong, you’ll just throw your arms up in despair and say – “Tried that, it doesn’t work for me!”

PROOF: Actual Results

So let’s get back to those salon owners who recently had me create an email campaign for them.

  • First up is Beverly. She made 30 sales at $137 each = $4,110
  • Then there was Denise, she’s made 15 sales at this stage – $2,055
  • Gail made 15 sales as well – $2,055
  • Vanessa – she had a total of 40 sales  – $5,480

And all these sales were over about 7 days…

In each of these campaigns, we asked the buyers to pay now – and they all did! So you get paid before you actually do the service.

YES, you heard that right.

Their clients paid BEFORE they received the service.

Now that’s a bit different. How often does that happen in your business?

Usually your client hands you money when you perform the service – that’s how it’s always been done, isn’t it?

YES it is… but you have the power to change that.

Additional Sales – Quickly!

So you can make sales quickly… without even having to see the client or worry about cancelled appointments or clients who just don’t turn up!

And the best part – it’s additional sales! Money you make in addition to your regular sales made each day… from providing a service, then getting paid.

And a good marketing system will allow you to do this time and time again.

  • Is business tougher these days? It sure is!
  • Are there hidden opportunities in your business right now to make some money ? There sure is!
  • Is an email, done right, a great tool providing your business with a quick way to get additional money into your cash register? It sure is!

Now, I could go on and on about how you should educate yourself in using this marketing tool.

But that’s not the point!

The point is… instead of worrying about how tough business is, just use something that is PROVEN to bring money into your business quickly.

You don’t even have to know how to do it… that’s my job!

Each of the salon owners above just said, “Let’s do it!”

And I did… and they made more money!

You can do this for your business right now… it’s as simple as saying “let’s do it”!

YOUR Next Step

You now have this valuable information in your hands.

And what I know is that very few of you will do anything about it. It’s a fact, that when business owners are presented with a PROVEN solution, very few take any action.

Many of you will be thinking up a whole pile of reasons why this won’t work in your business.

But I’ve proven, that in 99% of cases – IT WILL WORK! And that’s because I understand what your clients are thinking right now. And what THEY think is much more important than what YOU’RE thinking.

It’s what your CLIENTS think that puts money into YOUR pocket!

You just need to get the RIGHT message in front of them, and you need to do that often.

Guaranteed Results

I’m so confident that this will work for your salon or spa, that I’m prepared to guarantee YOUR results!

You see, I charge $497 to create the email campaign for you. I create the email for you and I do all the technical stuff to send out your email. You actually have to do very little, nor do you have to know how it all works… that’s my job!

And here’s my guarantee. If I can’t get you at least 10 sales total value $1,000 or more, then I’ll keep working with you, at no cost, until you do.

So it’s a win/win for you. I do all the work, you make money. I can’t be any fairer than that.

And chances are, you’ll get more sales than that. Just like the 4 salon owners above.

But there is a catch… I’m only going to do this for the first 7 salon or spa owners who register below. You’ll have to act fast, because once I have 7, that’s it!

Here’s what you need to do right now. Click on the register link below and complete your details

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Then I’ll get on the phone and we’ll start setting up your email campaign.

It’s as easy as that… you just have to say “let’s do it!”.

I look forward to talking to you soon.

Best Regards

David Glendinning