Email Marketing For Salons

Salon Email Marketing Mini CourseWelcome to the Salon Success Email Marketing Mini Course.

If you can spare 5 minutes, I’m going to introduce you to the power of Email Marketing. I’ve created 7 short lessons that show how you can massively improve your Salon profits with effective email marketing.

I know your time is valuable so let’s get straight into it.

Lesson # 1: Start Following Up With Your Prospects!

If you don’t have a professional, personalized, systematic and timely follow-up approach that hits your prospects with your message at least four to eight times, you’re LOSING money!

The bottom-line is this: following up can increase your sales significantly. In fact, sending multiple follow-up messages can increase sales by 80% and as much as 400% or even more!

Here’s the typical approach that Salon & Spa owners take. They send out an offer to their list and sit back and wait for the orders or the phone to ring.

OK… you might have some success. But it’s only a drop in the bucket to what you could achieve if you followed up 4 to 8 times.

Will that take any work? Short answer is YES! But you can systemize it and make it automatic.

That’s where email marketing can work for YOUR Salon.

Imagine an automated follow up system sent directly to your prospects email inbox. Once you set this up, it will continue to be delivered to ALL your prospects who have provided you with their email address.

It works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never takes a day off… in fact you don’t need any staff for this to work.

I’ve seen a Salon send out 3 emails promoting a special event. Within 5 minutes of the first email going out the phones started to ring. And this continued on for over a week as prospects opened up their emails and responded to the offer.

The end result was over $20,000 in sales generated by email marketing.

Is YOUR Salon doing that?

Lesson # 2: Understand The Power of an Autoresponder!

You need to understand the power of an autoresponder! If you don’t quite understand that, then this may help you.

Autoresponders allow you to automate the process of instantly replying to someone who either…

1. asked for more information or
2. did something (such as buying from you).

When you start putting the wheels in motion to consistently follow up with your prospects, you’ll start seeing the incredible results this amazing tool brings!

For example, you can use your autoresponder to:

  • Send instant information to people who request it;
  • Follow-up automatically with your HOT prospects;
  • Deliver a multi-step course or offer lessons by email;
  • Publish your ezine by broadcasting to your opt-in list;
  • Convert inactive or “dead” leads in your current list;
  • And promote (i.e., “upsell”) backend products!

It’s about putting your Salon / Spa business on autopilot.

So where can you get your hands on an autoresponder and start putting your Salon / Spa business on autopilot?

Well there are many available. I’ll go into it more in a little while when I refer you to another great resource on email marketing specifically for Salons & Spas.

Lesson # 3: Start Capturing Your Clients Email Addresses!

Just because email marketing is an online system, it doesn’t mean that you need to have a Salon or Spa website.  All you need to do (start right now!) is ask for their email address in the basic contact information you collect from them when they first visit your salon or spa.

You don’t need to have a website to start emailing your clients. It’s easier and far more effective if you do, but don’t let it stop you collecting them in other ways.

If you do have a salon / spa website then make sure you have an “opt-in” form on your website. This is a place where they are asked to enter their email address which will automatically assign them to your autoresponder at the time they enter their details. They will then automatically get emails from your autoresponder helping you convert them from prospect to paying client.

How do you get your website visitor to opt in to your autoresponder. Easy… you bribe them… but you do it ethically.

The easiest way is by offering an opt-in subscription to some kind of publication or free bonus. To get the bonus, they have to give you their email address.

The objective is to automate the whole process. You get traffic (visitors) to your website then make them an offer in exchange for their name and email address.

By now you’ll be getting an idea on how these email strategies can boost your sales. And I’m not talking about increasing sales a “little bit”, I’m talking a “massive amount”.

The fundamental element is “repeated contact” with your prospect. It’s following up with them consistently over a period of time. It may take 7 contacts before they are prepared to buy from you… maybe even more!

Email marketing will create a systemized, automated follow up with your prospects that converts them to paying clients.

Lesson # 4: Your List Is Your Goldmine!

Read that title again… “your list is your goldmine”! I’m continually amazed at how few Salon & Spa owners truly understand that.

Here’s the reason why I say that.

Most Salon & Spas gear all their marketing to gaining a NEW client. They spend very little on trying to get their existing clients back into their Salon or Spa on a more regular basis.

Think about it… how much do you spend on marketing to get a new client as opposed to the amount you spend on getting your existing clients back into your business more often and getting them to spend more money on your services.

I bet it’s “skewed” towards the new clients!

OK, what can you do about it. Simple… make your existing clients a great offer, not a good offer… I mean a great offer. How about $350 worth of value for only $147, saving them a huge amount. Now email it out to your list.

Total cost of advertising… probably close to Zero, result… even at one sale you will make money! How often do you get a return on investment that good?

Of course there’s a little bit more to it than that… how do you email it, how do you automate it, how can you create a system that repeatedly gets great results.

The trick is to learn how to use email marketing effectively… the rewards in greater profits for your Salon could be massive.

Lesson # 5: Avoid The Danger Of Email Marketing!

Dangers of salon email marketingYour online business could be taken away from you tomorrow… That’s right… email marketing could kill your business and you would lose everything!

You may have spent years building a responsive money making list of prospects and spent hundreds of hours building an automated email marketing system.

You could lose your autoresponder system, your complete online list… without you having any say in it at all.

How? It’s called spamming. No doubt you’ve heard that term before. It’s sending out emails to people who have not requested it.

Successful email marketing is all about “permission based” contact. That is, you only send out emails to those people who have requested your information… and who have subscribed voluntarily to your online list.

All the problems associated with spam can be avoided… if you know the correct way to go create an email marketing system.

And, using “permission based” marketing, you will create a “laser-targeted” list of prospects who will respond to your email marketing by spending their money in your salon or spa.

So be warned! Don’t ever be “swayed” by offers of emailing to big lists. If the prospects haven’t asked for your contact you could be prosecuted for spamming.

Lesson # 6: How To Write “Magnetically Charged” Emails!

Magnetic Salon EmailsHow to write magnetically charged emails? The type of emails that get your prospect to respond to whatever it is you are asking them to do.

If you send them an offer, you want them to buy. That’s pretty logical isn’t it? But all too often, that doesn’t seem to happen.

I’ve reviewed many email offers that Salon & Spa owners have sent out. And many have the same basic mistakes that cause prospects NOT to respond.

There’s a number of essential steps you should follow when writing emails. Each one is designed to improve your sales. Get them all right and you could make massive sales from your email offer.

Let me cover one of those steps right here…

It’s creating a sense of urgency and/or scarcity. Here’s what you do. You create a great offer then email it out to your list. The strategy is to limit the offer to only the first 17 respondents… the offer is that good that you can only afford to give away 17 packages.

You could add the urgency by stating that the offer is only available for the next 3 days or until the 17 packages are sold.

It’s very effective in getting your prospect to act quickly… and results in more sales.

So what about the other steps. Later on I will refer you to a great resource that has them all laid out for you… but for now I just wanted to introduce you to the idea that a great email that is designed to sell can easily be created.

Lesson # 7: The Biggest Benefit of Email Marketing!

Is Email Marketing the only thing you should be doing to build your Salon / Spa business? That’s easy… NO it’s not!

It is just ONE of the things you should be doing!

However, email marketing is a strategy that can be automated and, once you have set it up, requires very little input from you to manage.

But let me tell you what typically happens. You create a client list, build it up from online sources (website) and “offline” (clients who walk in to your business and provide their email address)… and then you start emailing them.

You present them with “magnetically charged” emails that promote your offers and you start to get results that puts money in your bank account.

You also market to your clients in other ways like mail, newspaper advertising, other promotions… and that starts to work for you as well.

The end result is that you create systems that consistently work for you… systems that combine the power of different mediums, online and offline.

And your Salon / Spa profits soar!

So it’s not just email marketing… it’s a combination of many different marketing strategies.

But let me tell you what I consider to be the biggest benefit of email marketing.

If you walk into your Salon or Spa today and business is a little quiet… you need to do something that will generate business quickly. You sit down, spend 10 minutes putting together a great offer and then email it out to your list.

Within a few minutes the phone starts to ring with clients who want to buy the offer you just emailed out.. and it continues to ring throughout the day and the next, as more and more read your email.

Is there anything as powerful as that? Anything else that can bring in business as quickly as that? Right now, in your Salon or Spa, do you have anything to match that?

Do you have the power to turn on the “money tap” when you need to? Some Salons & Spas do… not many, but some do!

I want to refer you to a great resource. It’s called “Email Marketing for Salons & Spas – Email Success Strategies to Explode Your Salon & Spa Profits

This system can show you how to apply this “turn on the money tap” strategy to your business. Click on the link below. Everything I have discussed in this mini-course is shown in more detail. There’s even an 8 step, 42 day automated follow up your prospects system that you can quickly adapt to your business, plug it into an autoresponder and start using.

That’s the end of this mini course. You now have strategies that you could start using today in your Salon / Spa business.