Google Local Business Listings For Salons

This lesson is a great strategy and if setup correctly can get you to the top of Google’s search results very quickly.

Google Local Business Listings for SalonsIt’s called a Google Business Listing, it’s free to setup, and it is designed for local search. It’s Google’s version of the electronic local yellow pages. These listings appear on the top left hand side of google search results.

Here’s the key… it’s setup for “Local” search, based on postcode.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you have a Hair Salon in the Sydney suburb of Mosman, state of New South Wales (NSW).

If you do a Google search using the search term “hair salon mosman nsw” it will automatically list the hair salons in that area (and surrounding areas) who have setup a Google Business Listing.

Check out the image opposite. Note the Google Business Listings which are listed before the “organic” search results.

And each listing is identified on the Google map with a tag. Click on the tag and you can zoom into your location. That’s a win / win for your prospect in that they can quickly identify your location.

A well setup Google Business Listing, which appears at the top of the search results, can be a great source of traffic to your website.

More traffic = More Leads and ultimately that leads to more clients.

Google local listings include basic contact information for your business such as Business Name, Address, Phone Number, a website link, and reviews.

Submitting your business to Google Business Listings is a FREE service that Google provides to business owners in all parts of the world.

It’s a simple process to setup. However, there is certain elements you need to include to ensure that you get a favourable listing plus there are numerous guidelines that need to be followed prior to submitting your business listing to Google.

And here’s the other thing. Google will only list 7 businesses on the front page. So there is a strategy to get in that first 7 business listing.

When you submit your listing there is a verification process. You do need to be tech savy enough to understand this process and if not followed correctly your listing may not show up in the local results for months.

A Google Business Listing can be one of the most effective means of exposure a business can use to target local consumers.

And with a website that is “search engine optimized” you could have 2 listings on the first page of Google. So that’s two chances to attract new clients.

While the “ranking” of your Google Business Listing is based on good relevant content in relation to the ranking of your competition, the performance of a Local Business Listing is assisted by the quality of the associated business website. If that website is doing everything it should with an ongoing search engine optimization programme, then the business listing will benefit accordingly.

It’s another great internet marketing strategy to increase the visibility of your Salon.