Salon Copywriting – How To Write Compelling Sales Messages

Salon Copywriting - Persuasive Words That SellWe’ve talked before about the power of “communicating” with your list of clients and prospects through media such as email and Facebook.

But… Do you know the SECRET to creating an Ad, Flyer, or Promotion that will quickly get you more clients and massive sales?

It’s using “Persuasive Words That Sell”! Basically that’s the ability to write something that convinces your audience to buy something or take a certain type of action.

And mastering this art in your Salon or Spa business is going to boost your profits and let you live your life on your own terms.

It’s copywriting for your Salon or Spa. And it’s applicable to both online and offline marketing for your Salon.

Here’s the type of results you could achieve in your Salon. Now, I subscribe to a number of Salon Marketing websites that regularly publish results of their clients.

Here’s a few examples;

  • 33 New Clients from a Single $540 ad.
  • 56 new clients in 5 days from a salon ad campaign
  • $10,000 in extra sales from a 2 page newsletter
  • Sold 50 vouchers making $6,000 Within 2 hours of emailing the promotion
  • $50,468 in 36 hours from a single salon marketing email

I know for a fact that these examples are true… and achievable for any Salon. In my past life I’ve worked in a traditional marketing business that targeted the Salon industry. And the systems that they promoted to Salons actually got results like those shown above.

But as I’ve mentioned before… the secret to achieving these results is the ability to write “persuasive words that sell”

Can you imagine the power of creating an ad marketing campaign in your Salon or Spa… whenever you want… that INSTANTLY results in a flood of new clients to your business.

I know from personal experience that discovering the “art of persuasion” is possibly the most PROFITABLE skill you can ever have.

And, as Salon or Spa business owners, discovering this “art of persuasion” is where the profits are. The GOOD news is, you can learn the “art of persuasion” and it’s easier than you think.

One guy I’ve known for years who is a master at persuasion is copywriting genius and my good friend, Pete Godfrey. Pete is one of Australia’s leading copywriters and master sales strategists.

I recently attended one of Pete’s workshops… actually it was a 2 day intensive for his inner sanctum members.

One of the topics Pete presented was his “Advanced Copywriting Secrets”. And a powerful message from this presentation was a technique to get the attention of your prospect. It was this…

“You must enter the conversation already going on inside your customers mind”

Now, as a Salon Owner, you have had plenty of customers. So you should be able to understand what it is that concerns them… and be able to talk their language in any promotion you do.

Let’s use cellulite for example.

Most Salons (actually, most all of them) will market their cellulite treatments like this

“Reduce Your Cellulite With Our Fantastic Cellulite Machine”

Now, if you understand what’s going on in the mind of your prospect, you could change that sort of promotion to

“Embarrased By Ugly Cellulite? Our Treatment seems to Melt Cellulite and Reshape the Body Fast for Almost Everyone Who Tries It!”

See the difference… Pete calls it “compelling words on paper” and it could be the most valuable skill you could ever learn.

Like most things, there’s a proven formula to follow to be able to write a compelling sales message.

Here’s what I recommend you do. Pete’ giving away a FREE Gift. He calls it the “Business Profits Blueprint”. It’s going to reveal how you can jump ahead of your competition and it’s a great tool.

Go and grab the free gift now from this link…

Pete’s Business Profits Blueprint

You’ll discover some of the critical things you can do right now to become a “master at persuasion”.

I must tell you this first… You are going to need to give him your name and email address to get the material… Who cares! This material contains some powerful, dynamic stuff that you can apply quickly to your own marketing promotions.

It’s another great FREE resource that I’d grab before your competition does!