Unleash The Power Of Salon Blogging

Salon Blogging - unleash the power of bloggingBlogging is the best kept secret in your Salon Marketing. You already have an audience (your clients) so start using this powerful tool to be the #1 Salon in your market place.

Blogging used to be a tool out of reach for the average business owner. For a start, it was time consuming and you had to be techno-savvy to set it up and maintain it.

But look… I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. Many of you wouldn’t know what Blogging is, let alone know how to start your own Salon Blog.

But first let me tell you some of the major benefits of Blogging, to you as a Salon Owner.

Blogging allows you to;

  • Build your List of new prospects and clients
  • Establish your credibility with your prospects and clients through educating them about your services and products
  • Generate traffic to your website through producing content (articles) and getting it listed in the search engines
  • Start Discussions with your audience and invite their comments
  • Promote and sell your Salon products

All of these benefits combine to create you and your Salon as an authority in your industry. I’ll show you an actual “live” example a little later. This Salon is starting to “dominate” their online marketplace, ranking well in Google searches for many keywords relevant to their Salon services.

So What Is a Blog?

Blog is short for weblog. You can think of a blog as a type of website that is very much like a journal that shows the most recent addition on the blog homepage, which is often the homepage of the site.

A blog is a collection of pages and posts. A post is just like a journal entry, with the most recent post at the top of the list.

You can make a Blog look like a traditional style of website. However, it has many benefits over a traditional style of website.

Now it’s most important to note here: Don’t get concerned that it all sounds a little technical… because it can become very easy to build and maintain a Blog… much easier than a traditional style of website.

How Exactly Can You Use Blogging in Your Salon Business

Just recently I read another marketers definition of their Blog. He referred to it as his business “Marketing Hub”. It was the central place (on the internet) that referred to all the branches of his online lead generation system.

And that’s exactly the purpose of your website… to generate more leads for your business. You then “market” to these leads to convert them to actual clients.

Let’s say you have a hair salon business. You can write about beauty topics and activities that will interest your clients and/or potential new clients.

Whether you write about hair, fashion, a class you took or how to get the fabulous new hairstyle featured in a movie that opened over the weekend, you’ll want to keep it short, authentic and personal.

Talk about why YOU love the new service or product you’re offering or how you just changed YOUR hair to a new style or color and give a do/don’t or tip. Stay away from industry jargon and write in real language, just like you’d describe it to a friend.

You could have a before and after photo of a client that shows the service you provide. And a Blog makes it easy to include photo’s, text articles… even a video!

It’s the same for a Beauty Salon. Beauty topics, tips for your clients, latest happenings in your Salon, the benefits of a new treatment.

In fact, communicating with your clients via a Blog is quickly replacing newsletters as a favourite way for beauty pros to communicate information and share ideas with their clients, colleagues and even potential new clients.

More Benefits of Blogging

This is where the power of blogging is revealed.

The ability to generate traffic with a blog website is much higher than it is with other types of websites. And done properly… MORE Traffic = MORE Clients = MORE Profits.

Here’s what happens when you put a new post (article) onto your Blog. Your blog will automatically notify blog search engines of the new material (called content). The blog search engines will then create links to your new material so that people who search them will be able to find you.

So you’ll get more FREE traffic from from not only blog search engines, but also search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

An Actual Salon Blog in Operation

Want to see what an actual blog looks like?

Blogging for SalonsHere’s a Day Spa in Perth which is a typical Salon & Spa business. Blush Day Spa already have an established online presence with their main website at www.BlushBody.com.au

And their website generates considerable profit for their Salon.

Their goal was to improve on their results from their existing website and build a solid online presence that went beyond their standard keyword search terms. Their website already receives a lot of FREE traffic from the search engines for the search term “day spa perth”.

A little keyword research showed that there is considerable internet traffic opportunities for other keywords associated with their services.

For example:

  • Facial treatments
  • Body Massage
  • Spray Tanning
  • Hair Treatments
  • Hair Colouring

To name just a few. So how could they deliver content based on these search terms without disrupting the results they were receiving from their existing website?

The answer was to setup a Blog on another domain www.BlushDaySpa.com.au

Here they can create keyword rich content quickly and easily. Over time, as the content builds they will start to get traffic PLUS cross linking to their main website which consolidates the search engine ranking of that website.

And by taking advantage of social media sites such as Facebook, which their Blog links into, they are able to communicate with their clients and prospects in many different ways.

The result… MORE Traffic, MORE Clients and MORE Profits!

In fact… a recent email marketing campaign to their online list resulted in over $20,000 in sales within 1 week.

This is one Salon that is serious about their internet marketing. Of course, it’s not the only marketing they do… but it’s return on investment is far superior to many other forms of Salon marketing.

Yes, any Salon can do this… but the majority don’t. I’ve got quite a few other examples of Salons doing this right but that’s for another day.

That’s why I refer to Blogging as the secret weapon to your Salon marketing. When done right you can blow your competition out of the water, dominate the search engines within your marketplace… and make money!

It’s another great internet marketing strategy to increase the visibility of your Salon… Blog setup and training is something that comes as standard in the Salon Success Website solution. Read more about that here.