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It's a proven fact. A recent article on the ABC news service stated that 4 out of 5 Australians research products online (and this would be the same in other similar economies).

And as a Salon or Spa owner, you want to be sure to put yourself where your clients are looking... and that's on the Internet!

And at only $770 (limited to only 3 lucky Salon / Spa businesses)
this is your best chance to get started online!

Love it or hate it... if you want to have a successful Salon or Spa business... not just one that provides nothing more than a JOB... then you must stay on top of this expanding digital economy.

Read on to see if you qualify for this special limited offer!

Michael Curtis, Blush Day SpaI Get Sales Before The Salon Doors Open...

Our website is a major part of our business generating sales every day. It's great to open up the Salon in the morning and have online sales to start the day. In fact, we make money through our website while we sleep!

I'd recommend every Salon & Day Spa owner get on the internet now and if you've already got a website keep working on it to make sure it performs.

Michael Curtis, Blush Day Spa, Perth, Western Australia

Over the past few years I've been creating the ultimate salon website solution for many of my Salon clients.

It's the Salon Success Website Solution - Premium System. It's an automated "get new clients into your Salon or Spa" system that has proven to work... time and time again.

And in the process of doing this, I've spoken to many Salon and Spa owners. For many of them it has been a pretty tough time in their business.

Many don't have the budget to pay the $7,700 required for my premium system.

I've been listening to their pain. And it got me thinking.

How can I provide a system that even more Salon and Spa owners can take advantage of? A system that most all can afford that enables them to experience the benefits of the Internet. That get's them NEW clients and makes them MORE money?

So that's exactly what I've done...


The Salon Success "LEAN" Website System... the affordable
website system for Salons & Spas

It's a system that will get your Salon or Spa business on the Internet. It's the first step, the foundation, to a complete website system. And, anytime in the future it can grow with you.

You'll get to enjoy some of the critical benefits of the Salon Success Website System without the costly price tag.

Something that works for you and is well within your budget.

Skip The Details... Show Me The Deal

I Get New Clients Finding Me Every Day...

“I knew I needed a website, but I wasn't sure how to go about doing it. That's when I discovered the Salon Success Website system. I've now got more than a website... I've got a way to get new clients 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!

I'm now on the first page of Google search results, I'm getting leads, in fact... my website now generates more new clients than any other promotion has in the past... and it continues to do so... at NO COST!

At last I've got a website that really works!”

Nicole Larsen
Beauty Necessities Laser and Beauty Salon, Doncaster, Victoria

Some of the Google Search Engine Results (January 2010) after the Salon Success Website Solution was used for their website. While most Salons may only rank for 1 keyword, Beauty Necessities now ranks for 9 or more keywords.

Google Ranking
beauty salon doncaster victoria ranked #3
facial treatments doncaster victoria ranked #1
body treatments doncaster victoria ranked #1
manicure pedicure doncaster victoria ranked #1
hair removal doncaster victoria ranked #4
laser hair reduction doncaster victoria ranked #3
electrolysis hair removal doncaster victoria ranked #1 and #2
cellulite reduction doncaster victoria ranked #1 and #2
spa packages doncaster victoria ranked #3

Here's just some of the benefits of the Salon Success "LEAN" Website System.

  • it will give your Salon or Spa a presence online.
  • it will allow clients and prospects to find you in the search engines. In fact, chances are, you will be on the first page of Google within 1 to 3 months for your selected search term
  • attract new clients to your special offers
  • you'll be able to list all your services
  • it provides a foundation, one that can be built on at a later time as your time and budget allows.
  • and at only $770, it's YOUR best chance to get online.

And don't be fooled by the PRICE of the LEAN website version.

Yes, it's likely to be the cheapest website solution available to Salon & Spa owners today. However you're going to get the SAME software I use to create my Premium $7,700 version. It's like having a Rolls Royce engine without the costly price.

At any time in the future you can REVEAL the true power of this system. You can build additional pages, you can build in my automated marketing follow-up system, you can start adding keyword rich content, you can start to dominate the search engines making your business the #1 choice in your marketplace.

You can UNLEASH the power whenever you're ready and when your budget allows.

Here's an outline of what you'll be getting in the Salon Success "LEAN" Website System.

12 months Website Hosting
Professional Header
based on your own design or one designed for you
Templated Design
so that you can easily add other pages when required
Home Page with descriptive text
About You Page
Contact Page
Location Map & Opening Hours
Services Page
Your own Salon / Spa Email Address
Ability to Add/Edit Pages. Just logon to the Admin area and add or change your website content.
Auto Updating XML Sitemap
essential for Search Engine listing
On Page Search Engine Optimization
General Consulting & Support

An Offer Too Good To Pass Up!

As I mentioned earlier. I've had Salon clients pay me $7,700 to create my Premium system.

But you only have to pay $770! This is your opportunity to have me create a Salon website that really works by;

  • getting you MORE Clients

  • getting you MORE Visitors through improved search engine rankings. You could be on the first page of Google for your main keyword related to your Salon services.

  • laying out the foundation to grow your website at a later stage.

You pay only a fraction of the amount compared to my Premium system and you get the benefit of having a Salon website that your prospects can find. You won't be "Lost On The Web".

PLUS... I'll continue to work with you to ensure your new Salon Success "LEAN" Website System works for you attracting new clients!

Special Note: The "LEAN" system that is being promoted does not have all the features or benefits of the
more advanced Premium website system. The "LEAN" system is an entry level "foundation" website
system that can later be developed into the Premium system if you so desire.

Click Here To Register Your Interest Now For The Salon Success "LEAN" Website System

You SAVE 90% on my premium system


I'm Now Getting New Clients From My Website...

I've had a Salon website for quite a few years but I was never really confident that it was working well for me. I then started to read a few of the articles at and discovered what a Salon website should really be doing. The strategies that David had been talking about are now part of my new website.

Now I'm a busy Hair Stylist and I don't have the time to keep up with the latest online marketing trends. So I left it up to David to tell me exactly what I should be doing and in no time at all I had a complete website that is getting new clients coming into my Salon.

PLUS I'm now getting more website traffic and have the ability to market my Salon through email and even Facebook. Thanks David for setting me on the right path.

Chris Burkinshaw
Turning Heads Hairdressing Wagga Wagga NSW

Some of the Google Search Engine Results (January 2010) after the Salon Success Website Solution for their website. While most Salons may only rank for 1 keyword, Turning Heads Hairdressing has many #1 rankings for a variety of keywords.

Google Ranking
hair salon wagga wagga ranked #3
hair colouring wagga wagga ranked #1
hair cutting wagga wagga ranked #1
hair treatments wagga wagga ranked #1
hair straightening wagga wagga ranked #1 and #2
eyebrow shaping wagga wagga ranked #1 and #2
eyelash tinting wagga wagga ranked #1
eyebrow tinting ranked #1


Are You Ready To Take ACTION Now?

Click Here To Register Your Interest Now For The Salon Success "LEAN" Website System

I'm only making this offer for a Salon Success "LEAN" Website System available to only 3 businesses.

No time to think... you're going to miss out!

You get this solution for $770. It's an offer too good to pass up!

But there is a catch...

I'm only offering this to the first
3 Salons or Spas who QUALIFY!

And not everyone who applies for this special offer will necessarily qualify. Since it's such a great deal, I need to be sure that you are the type of business owner I want to work with.

  • If you are an action taker... I'll work with you
  • If you are keen to grow your business... I'll work with you
  • If you want to work quickly to get this done... I'll work with you
  • If you're willing to put in some effort... I'll work with you

If you're the type of person who's going to moan, groan and procrastinate through the whole process... well, frankly I don't need you and you won't qualify for this special offer.

Creating a Salon Success Website system that will make you money takes a lot of my time and considerable effort. But I enjoy it when I work with the right business owner.

So I'm only offering this to 3 business owners at this price. Fact is, during the next 2 months I've got some time and resources available to get it done. So it's a win / win for me and you.

Here's what you need to do right now.... click here to register your interest for this special offer. Then, I'll get on the phone with you to see if you qualify for this special deal.

It really should be an easy decision.

Make that “one day” today!

I’m looking forward to talking to you… and introducing you to an online marketing SYSTEM that really works.

Click here to Register your interest now and start living tomorrow!


To Your Internet Success

David Glendinning

PS. This is your best chance to create a website that works... Grab it now and SAVE thousands of dollars compared to my Premium solution.

PPS. Remember, this special deal is only available to the first 3 who qualify... Register your interest by clicking here now


ARE NOT TYPICAL which is why no specific income claims are made. Some members
may make little or NO MONEY AT ALL with this program. Individual results will vary greatly
and in accordance to your input, determination,hard work, and ability to follow directions.

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