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Are You Putting Up With Crappy Results?

by David Glendinning · 0 comments

Let me ask you. If you paid a few thousand dollars for a service would you accept that it didn’t work?

I know I wouldn’t… and I bet you wouldn’t either, not intentionally anyway.

Especially when you spend the money with the purpose of it producing results… such as bringing in new clients and making you money.

But this is exactly what Salon owners are doing when they pay to create the ordinary, looks like everybody else’s, salon website.

They’re paying for crappy results!

And I see this every day.

Here’s my most recent example. A salon owner contacted me the other day… she asked me not to mention her name due to the embarrassment of what she discovered during our conversation. Let’s just say she operates a beauty salon in New South Wales.

Anyway… she asked me to look over her website, point out some things that she could be doing better… because guess what, she had not gained $1 from this website that had been created for her, 6 months before.

First up, I checked if her website appeared in the search engines – NO it didn’t.

Second, I asked her whether she had gained any clients from her website – NO it hadn’t.

It was right there I stopped, I didn’t have to go any further… and I asked her… “How much did this website cost?”. The answer… $4,000.

I then asked if she was happy about that. Her response… She wasn’t sure!

I was expecting her to be really annoyed, maybe respond by saying “NO, I’m not happy with the results!” And maybe something along the lines of “I wasted my money”, or “I’m going to grab the designer around the neck, shake ’em up a little, beat ’em around the ears and get my money back”

But no… her response… “I’m not sure”.

Her response got me thinking. Have Salon Owners been conditioned to think that a website is a “have to have” sort of thing that’s going to cost a few dollars for the purpose of just hanging around in the background, a thing that’s not meant to do all that much.

I’m thinking… are Salon owners completely nuts… you spend that amount of money should you not expect a return on your investment… quickly? How come they don’t understand what a salon website should be doing for them…

  1. attracting new prospects
  2. convert these prospects into paying clients
  3. get these clients coming back to your salon more often
  4. and do it all on “auto-pilot” without you having to spend much time on it

Not much to it really… but to achieve all that your salon website has to be easily found in a search engine… and be the first choice for a visitor who is searching for the service your salon provides.

And when they visit your website, are the visitors “doing” what you want them to do.

Anyway, back to the Salon Owner who contacted me.

There were quite a few things that had been done completely wrong. And it was clear why she had not received any return on her $4000 investment.

She did tell me that she had contacted the person who created the website. This person stated to her that it would take at least 6 months before her website would appear in the search engines.

That statement was a complete load of bollocks!

When done right, a salon website can have a good ranking and presence in the search engines within 1 to 4 weeks.

And that search engine presence will result in new visitors to your website.

Now, to a lot of salon owners out there, that may sound like it’s too hard for you to think about… you’re a busy business owner that leaves website stuff to a website designer.

But that can prove to be a costly mistake! Spend $4,000 and not get $1 back… after 6 months… just like the embarrassed Salon Owner I’ve been talking about.

Here’s what’s possible. Spend some money now on a salon website that works, and recoup 2 to 3 times the investment within 12 months.

It’s possible.

Which would you rather be? The embarrassed salon owner who pays $4,000 for no results, or the smarter salon owner who spends money to make much, much more.

I know which one I’d rather be.

Click on the link below if you’d rather be the smarter salon owner. Make sure you do it before your competition does.

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