Salon Backend Sales - Hidden Profits Revealed

Backend Sales – Hidden Salon Profits

by David Glendinning · 2 comments

Why is it that some Salons and Day Spas have massive success and continue to grow their business while others are left languishing behind?

And this is despite the current economic conditions! Some Salons and Day Spas that I work with are still growing at a massive pace… so don’t go blaming the Recession for your lack of business success!

So what are they doing different that you may not have a clue about?

It’s that the BIG Successful Salons understand the difference between MARKETING and SELLING. And the power of Salon Backend Sales!

You see, in many of the Salon & Spa websites that I review, they make the classic mistake of trying to SELL to a prospect rather than MARKET to them.

Here’s an example… you visit a website and they display all their products… buy a gift voucher here, book in for a treatment there. All their efforts… their website purpose… is directed at SELLING something or getting them to contact you to book in for some type of service.

Here’s a BIG reality check! Most of your website visitors won’t be back when they leave your website… unless you get their contact information.

So if your FIRST communication with your online prospect is trying to SELL them something, then you’re missing out on the biggest opportunity to use your salon / day spa website to massively grow your business!

The mistake your making… is trying to SELL on the FRONTEND!

What’s the BETTER option. Well, one strategy is to first build a relationship with them. Remember, the prospect coming to you through your SALON or SPA website probably knows nothing about you so the chances of selling something to them is pretty slim.

What should you try and do? I’d be focusing all my efforts on getting that prospect to provide me with their name and email address. And when they do provide that, hook them into an autoresponder that sends out sequential emails at a pre-set time period (eg. on Day 1, 3, 5, 7 etc).

The emails that go out to that prospect have the purpose of creating a desire in that prospect to want your product or service. It’s building a relationship with that prospect with the end result being that they will buy from you.

This is what I refer to as Salon BACKEND Selling – Revealing Your Hidden Profits!

That’s what the BIG Successful Salons and Spas understand

It’s about putting your business on auto-pilot. And it’s an example of MARKETING as opposed to SELLING.

Do you want to use your Salon or Day Spa website to put your business on Auto Pilot? Then you need to check this out… Email Marketing For Salons and Spas

And it will generate more business and greater profits for your Salon or Spa PLUS… build your prospect list. And to the BIG Successful Salons, the money is in the size and the relationship they build with their list.

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Jody Bossert May 22, 2009 at 7:16 pm

How do you go about setting up an auto-responder? We use Constant Contact for our email communications. Is that simply a feature of Constant Contact? And what is it exactly? Does it send pre-designed emails to people depending on what stage they’re relationship with the salon is in (ie. “Thanks for registering yesterday”, then later “Thanks for visiting our site the other day.”, then later, “Thanks for being a loyal guest of our salon.”)?


David Glendinning May 23, 2009 at 9:28 am

Hi Jody,

I haven’t used Constant Contact, but if you check out their website, it states that they provide a “join my mailing list” application which allows you to create an “opt-in” form on your website that would add prospects to your mailing list. You can also setup an Autoresponder which allows you to create an email follow up system and to schedule when your pre-formatted emails are sent out to your prospects.

So in answer to your question, it does look like you can do what you are wanting. I use the 1ShoppingCart email marketing system for my Autoresponder service.


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