Content Based Salon Website… Why It Will Make You More Money!

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Content based Salon WebsiteFirst up… what’s a content based salon website? Basically, it’s a website that is full of content related to your particular theme/niche. Not just any content… but content that is valuable to the reader.

Let’s look at the typical Salon website. It usually has something about the Salon, a list of services offered and maybe a little about the features of each service. By features, I mean something like this (I’ve crossed out the Salon name so as to not embarrass them)…

“xxxx Salon is a unique salon specialising in cutting edge Hairdressing & Hair Removal techniques & technology.

We utilise only the very best products, proven techniques and technologies. An appointment at our salon will be quality time spent with a hair or beauty professional offering you the highest quality products and intelligent advice to ensure you achieve your objectives.

Our aim is to provide you with a truly special service to ensure you feel 100% satisfied. Our creative, experienced hair stylists and therapists are provided with constant training, to keep up to date with the latest trends & styles.

We understand that providing you with personalised communication is the key to your satisfaction. We guarantee that you will be absolutely delighted with our services & products. This is the xxxx experience.”

That’s taken direct from a Salon services page. What do you think… pretty much the same as everyone else and full of features and “mindless dribble”.

Makes you really want to turn up and try out what that Salon has!

Now, is that a “content” based salon website? Probably not!

To further expand the meaning of a content website… it’s one that is continually added to with relevant content. A content website “grows” over time, with more and more content.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say your Salon does Brazilian Waxing… Now, from the same website as before, here is what they say about their Brazilian waxing service…

“Our Salon do hundreds of brazilian treatments a week, and the therapists will ensure that the customer is totally at ease and comfortable throughout the session. Any questions that the client may have can be addressed during the treatment as they talk the client through the process.”

Are you starting to see my point? Is that interesting? Most Salon website content is rubbish!

Let me show you an alternative. I’m not going to include the whole article here, just give you a link to read it for yourself. The article is titled “Brazilian Waxing Exposed: Let ‘Er Rip'” Just click on the title to check it out.

I must admit… I’d expect that this particular article has been written by a journalist so it’s probably not something you could do yourself straight away. But what about “5 most common questions asked about a Brazilian Wax”… I bet you could write something about that. What about “Brazilian Wax after care”… Again… I bet you could write that!

If you went down that path… continually writing relevant content… do you think your website would start to be a little more interesting?

It most definitely would!

And it would start to appeal to your website visitor… and make you more sales!

How do you manage that on your website. You can get the content, but how do you continually get it on your website without needing to pay a website person a small fortune every time it needs to be updated.

Easy! I’ve said it before… you start blogging! You setup your website with blogging capabilities and then simply logon to your admin area, insert your article and hit the “publish” button. Refresh your website and voila… it instantly appears.

That’s how a Salon Success Website is setup. In fact that’s how this website has been setup… as a Blog.

There are many other advantages that a content based website has… and I will discuss those further next time.

Until then… here’s to successful salon website marketing.

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