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Facebook for Salons – Using The Power Of Facebook in Your Salon Marketing

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Have you heard the saying “Timing is everything”. And in your Salon business, the difference between massive success and failure can be put down to timing.

Here’s what I mean… how successful do you think you’d be promoting a summer hair or beauty package in Autumn, just before a cold and stormy winter.

You’d probably not have much success!

And it’s no different when you use the internet to market your services… Timing is everything.

Now here’s my definition of “Marketing”. It’s educating your customers about the benefits your product gives them and then convincing them to buy it from only you.

So how do you educate? Well… you’ve got to first start communicating with them. Through any media that you can possibly use and afford.

And that’s where Facebook for Salons comes in. Never has the timing been so perfect to start communicating with your clients using this most powerful tool.

And Facebook is now far too big to ignore. You might think it’s for kids, but let me give you a few facts;

  • Facebook has just reached 350 million active users
  • 50% of these active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • The fastest growing demographic of new Facebook users are those 35 years old and older… no longer is it something just the kids do
  • The average user has 130 friends on the site. So, your clients and prospects have a wide circle of influence.
  • More than 8 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide)
  • There are more than 45 million status updates each day
  • More than 10 million users become fans of Pages each day

And I can just about guarantee that some of these Facebook users are already YOUR clients. And, many more are your potential prospects.

It has become the fastest growing social media network the world has ever known. And don’t think your Salon clients aren’t using Facebook on a regular basis.

Salon Facebook Fan PageConsider this. Over the past week a number of Salons took the opportunity to set up a Salon Facebook Page. That’s a page specifically for business and it gives you a way to communicate instantly with your Fan (client) base.

One Salon (a hair salon) now has over 65 Fans. Another Beauty Salon has over 25 Fans, another has over 40 Fans. And their Fan base is growing rapidly using some of the strategies that have been suggested to them.

They now have a fast and effective way to share information about their Salon products, services and the latest news with their Fan base. They’re building a relationship with their clients… a relationship that could result in more Salon profits.

The timing is right and it’s an effective way to communcate with your clients.

If you want to learn more about using Facebook for your Salon then click on this link – Facebook For Salons.

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