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Google Maps Are The New Yellow Pages

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Does your Salon or Day Spa have a Google Map listing? If NOT, then you are missing out on one of the biggest GIANT shifts in technology being used today.

Here’s what I mean.

Your clients and prospective clients are now using SMART technology to find you. They are using Google or their mobile telephone to search within their local area for your service.

The Yellow Pages are now being replaced by online technology such as Google as the number 1 source for finding your business.

In my opinion, I believe that the Yellow Pages is DEAD as a source for new business.

For me, I’d rather make use the internet or my mobile phone rather than search around for a big yellow book .

I just tried it on my iphone. I’ve got this FREE iphone “app” (Google Search), I typed in “hair salon” and then pressed search.

Up came a few hair salons in my local area. It’s really smart. This “app” automatically picks up my current location and only returns the results within that area.

Same thing if I want a restaurant. Just type in “restaurant” and local results are shown.

This is where it gets really interesting. Have you done a search on Google lately?

Google has just changed how it searches and the search results it returns. And it’s going to effect YOUR business whether you like it or not!

I just typed in the same keyword “hair salon” without any geographic location eg. “hair salon brisbane“. The results it returned were hair salons in my local area. So Google is now returning LOCAL search results.

Are you starting to understand the power of this?

But here’s the catch!

For your business to appear, you must have setup a Google listing. And this is something that only 3% of businesses have done. Do the math… 97% of businesses have NOT setup their
Google local business listing.

Now consider this?

When doing a search, 34% of people today are using the listings on Google Maps to find a local business. And this number is growing daily! They could be using the internet or their smartphone. And they’re looking for YOUR business!

Is your Salon or Day Spa business able to be FOUND using Google Maps?

There’s a very strong possibility that the answer is NO!

Here’s where I can help you…

Setting up a Google listing can be tricky. It does require that you know what you’re doing. For your listing to appear in search results successfully requires that you do it the right way. Google has certain requirements and options that need to be completed for your listing to appear in the top results.

That’s what I can do. And I’m about to launch a new product to SOLVE this problem for Salon and Day Spa owners.

This new product is going to allow your business to take advantage of this new SMART technology, so you can be found in local search results using either the internet or a mobile telephone.

I’ve got to write a sales page, setup buying links, thankyou pages… a whole pile of stuff.

And it’s likely going to cost $497.

But here’s what I can do right now. If you want to jump on this today, it’s only going to cost $347. That’s a saving of $150.

I’ll only do this for the first 5… after that I’m going to say NO. You’ll have to wait until I set the sales page up right

Click here to jump on this special offer right now and SAVE $150.

I’ll go and create your successful Google business listing that will start working for you straight away.

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