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Increase Salon Website Traffic – Part 1

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I was doing some research this week on how to get more traffic to your Salon Website. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve found that Salon Owners make is that they go and create their website and then just hope that people find it.

You can easily compare it to your Salon or Day Spa shop front. What do you do, day in and day out, to get people to come into your salon or spa?

It’s likely that you do some advertising, newspaper or yellow pages, maybe even flyers. You would get some “walk-in” traffic, you would get some repeat clients who have re-booked, you might even do some SMS messages, even direct mailouts to your client list.

Now let’s take this ONLINE and list things we might do to get website “traffic” or visitors to your website.

  1. Advertising – we might do some PPC (pay-per-click) and run some ads on ad networks like Google Adwords.
  2. “Walk-in” traffic – that would be people who found you in the search engines. This is FREE traffic (no cost) that results from good search engine rankings based on keywords eg. “beauty salon Armadale”
  3. Direct mailouts – that’s email marketing direct to your email list (check out this great resource for profitable Salon Email Marketing)

So ONLINE Salon Marketing is pretty much the same as OFFLINE Salon Marketing.

So why is that too many Salon & Spa Owners spend very little time and effort marketing their Salon or Spa website?

I know the answer to that! It’s because many Salon Owners do not understand how to market their Salon or Spa. They just don’t know where to start!

That’s why I called this article “Increase Salon Website Traffic – Part 1”. Because there are many parts, different strategies, to getting more traffic to your website.

And let me tell you one of the greatest benefits of salon marketing online. It’s a whole lot cheaper and the results are a whole lot quicker when you do it ONLINE… the right way!

So right now, I’m going to talk a little about PPC (pay-per-click) strategies… in particular Google Adwords.

If I said to you, that you could DOUBLE the TRAFFIC to your salon website in 30 minutes or less… would YOU believe me!

Right at this moment… I bet you don’t!

Remember that I told you I had been doing some research on how to get more traffic to your Salon website. The fact is, I discovered this great resource that explained to me how to use Google Adwords.

Put simply, Google Adwords is a system that allows you to create a Salon Ad, have that ad appear in front of people who are specifically searching for your services, and you pay for the Ad when somebody clicks on it and comes to your website. The amount you pay for the “click thru” can vary from as little as a few cents to a dollar or two.

A word of caution though… make sure your salon website is ready for these people to visit, in that when they come to your website page they discover a reason to contact you. If your website is not ready then your visitor will just click somewhere else and you would have paid money for nothing.

It’s just like having a great receptionist answer the telephone and get the sale. Your website must be ready to make the sale! If you feel like your website needs a makeover then send me an email and we can make a time to discuss your needs.

Here’s what Google Adwords can do for your Salon. It can drive a ton of traffic to your website in a very short space of time. You can create the ad, determine your budget (what you’re prepared to pay) and your ad can be up and running within minutes.

But like anything… you need to have an idea how this stuff works.

The great resource I found is here “How You Can Overcome The Google Adwords Learning Curve”. If you click on that link you can get a FREE 5 Day course delivered direct to your email inbox.

I’d go and grab it NOW… and start getting more TARGETED Traffic to your Salon website.

I’ll be sending out the next part to getting more traffic soon.

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