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Is Your EGO Getting In The Way of Making You Rich!

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I see this problem all too often… Just today, I get an email from a client who has taken up my offer of re-building her website into a Salon Success Website… a website that makes money!

And it made me stop what I was doing and write this!

She was really having a problem with the way her website looked after the makeover… in fact she tells me she would rather “have it looking more appropriate for a Salon!

Now… don’t be offended by what I’m about to say. I value this client dearly but there is a very important lesson here and it’s worth sharing.

I reckon that’s her EGO talking… and maybe even her friends, family and staff… telling her that her website is not very pretty… and besides, in their minds, hers’ is a very upmarket Salon and the website should show that!

That pretty well tells me that her EGO is getting in the way of making her RICH!

But that’s OK… many Salon Owners think the same thing when they start out being introduced to this type of marketing on their website…. It’s called Direct Response Marketing.

And many take a while to work out what really is the main goal of their Salon Website

But consider what has happened in the very short time of her salon website makeover.  To me, this is the ULTIMATE SUCCESS!… and worth far more money in the bank than her EGO!

I went and counted that in the last 7 days, she has had over 30 people respond to an offer and in doing so they have provided her with their name, address and telephone contact details. And not only that, but she has not paid one cent for this website traffic… they all found her website through an internet  search  engine!

Let’s say that 5 of those people visit her Salon as a result of downloading this offer from her website. And on average, they each spend $1,000 over the next 12 months using the services of her Salon. That’s $5,000 worth of business that cost nothing in advertising to gain.

That’s not bad… what about if her salon marketing was that good that 10 of the 30 spent $1,000 over the next 12 months? That would be even better.

And what would happen if that happened each and every week! Let’s just say that it happened for 40 weeks of the year. That would be a massive…

$200,000 (5 clients @ $1,000 per year for 40 weeks) in additional business to her Salon!

That’s what I call a Money Making Salon Website… if you’re a Salon Owner go and check if your website is doing that for YOU!

How does the fact that she didn’t quite like the look of her website, sound NOW! And what about the influence of her friends family and staff… not to mention her EGO!

Fact is… your opinion and their opinion does not put money in your cash register. The only opinion that COUNTS is that of your customer and their response will tell you if what you’re doing is working.

If you truly want your salon website to make you money then you need to understand what part of it makes you MONEY! And it’s got very little to do with how it looks! It can be downright ugly but if it’s making you money you will soon come to appreciate that it’s the prettiest thing in the world.

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