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Salon Blog MarketingI’ve written about “blogging” before. In my recent article “Why You Need To Start Blogging For Increased Salon Profits” I detailed some of the reasons why you should start your Salon Blog sooner rather than later.

Fact is though… many of you just don’t get it! Maybe you think it’s too difficult. Or maybe you’re just too busy being a hairdresser or a beauty therapist along with the other “time sucking” challenges of being a Salon Owner.

So first up, let me tell you what you’re missing out on by not setting up your own Salon Blog.

The more you “talk” to your clients the better the relationship you will have and the more money you will make. It’s true… those Salons that continue to communicate with their clients will make more money!

So, what can you talk about.

Well… I just spent 10 minutes searching the internet and and I found a hairdresser in Washington USA who that has set up a Blog, separate from their Salon website (which by the way is pretty ordinary).

What has she got on this blog? One of the things is that she has a weekly article that shows “Last Week’s Interesting Hair”. She puts up a before and after photo, straight from her digital camera (so there’s no special photography) of how her salon has transformed someone’s “bad hair” into a great looking healthy, modern hair style.

It might highlight colour, a particular cut or how they fixed badly damaged hair.

So they post the article and photo’s to the salon blog and invite people to comment. Many people actually leave comments, it creates discussion, and I bet that it gets people into the Salon to have the same thing done to their hair.

A perfect strategy! Create some interest, communicate with their clients and make money for the Salon with more business.

Also on the blog are articles like “What happened to formal hair?”, “Hair colour trends”, “Hair Straightener Test”, “So You Want To Be A Hair Model”… all items of interest that attract a lot of discussion on the salon blog.

This is a pretty basic looking blog, regularly updated by the salon owner.

Now you do need to have a little bit of skill to set this sort of thing up… but it can be quickly learned, can be inexpensive if you do it yourself, and can be simply started and maintained.

Here’s where the power of the internet comes in!

Just because it’s a blog and setup with blog software, the articles and content are quickly spread around the internet without you really having to do that much.

In fact, I found this website using a “social media search engine” called WhosTalkin. I simply went and did a keyword search on that website and found a lot of website discussion about Salons. The search engine scans the internet and finds blog articles about that particular topic.

That’s not something that can be done by an old outdated “static website” that many Salons have. You must have a website using blogging software, much the Salon Success Website solution.

I plan to continue this topic in future articles so stay tuned. My goal is to have Salon Owners well informed on how to use the Internet for increased Salon profits.

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