Salon Copywiting - Persuasive Words That Sell

Salon Copywriting – Persuasive Words That Sell

by David Glendinning · 1 comment

Do you know the SECRET to creating an Ad, Flyer, or Promotion that will quickly get you new clients and massive sales?

It’s using “Persuasive Words That Sell”! And mastering this art in your Salon or Spa business is going to boost your profits and let you live your life on your own terms.

It’s copywriting for your Salon or Spa.

Can you imagine the power of creating an ad marketing campaign in your Salon or Spa… whenever you want… that INSTANTLY results in a flood of new clients to your business.

I know from personal experience that discovering the “art of persuasion” is possibly the most PROFITABLE skill you can ever have.

Let me give you a great example of the power of persuasion.

I remember when I was a child when I wanted an ice cream there were certain things I could do that would almost guarantee I got the ice cream of my choice.

I soon learnt crying did me no good.

Nor did tantrums.

Nor did pleading my case.

So I got smart. I discovered through trial and error what worked and what didn’t. You see, even at an early age, you, me, everyone, we all learnt how to persuade.

As adults, many of us lose this skill. We let others make the choices for us. We put other people’s needs and wants ahead of our own.

That is actually a mistake!

And, as Salon or Spa business owners, re-discovering this “art of persuasion” is where the profits are. The GOOD news is, you can learn the “art of persuasion” and it’s easier than you think.

One guy I’ve known for years who is a master at persuasion is copywriting genius and my good friend, Pete Godfrey. Pete is one of Australia’s leading copywriters and master sales strategists.

For some reason, Pete’s giving away, FREE of charge, a powerful new report called: “The Ultimate Copywriting & Marketing Secret”. PLUS, there are 3 other other BONUS reports that he’s also giving away. He could easily charge a few hundred dollars for this stuff.

I’ve just gone and grabbed my copy and it’s a great read. You’ll discover the one critical thing you can do right now to become a master at persuasion.

I must tell you this first… You are going to need to give him your name and email address to get the report. Who cares! This report contains some powerful, dynamic stuff that you can apply quickly to your own marketing promotions.

I’d grab this before your competition does!

Go there now :  “The Ultimate Copywriting & Marketing Secret” and read every word of this life changing report. I’ve got my copy; now it’s time to get yours.

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