Salon Email Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Salon Profits

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Salon Email Marketing - Email Strategies To Grow Your Salon BusinessYour Salon or Spa needs to understand the power of email marketing and what it can do for your Salon profits. A recent survey of Salon and Spa owners revealed that only a very small number of salons and spa are actually using salon email marketing strategies in their business.

I call these “hidden” profits… very much the “diamonds in the backyard“.

Why? Let me explain. All too often Salon and Spa owners spend all their efforts and money in marketing strategies to attract a NEW client. They rarely spend the time or money “mining” in their own backyard!

You see, more profits will be made from your EXISTING clients or prospects than what can be made from NEW clients. And marketing to your existing clients or prospects, that is… your list, is untold more cheaper and far more effective.

And that’s true if your marketing online or “offline”!

Now let’s focus here on your online marketing… because that’s what I love talking about!

For the most part, email marketing is FREE! You have a list of clients and prospects on your database and to email them costs you no money. OK, there may be a cost in your internet connections, your autoresponder service, but you’re likely paying for that anyway.

Compare that to a mailout… you have to pay for the printing, the envelope and the postage.

Now imagine this… you come into your Salon or Spa on a Monday and check out the bookings for the week. Business looks a little light on…  the staff are wandering around trying to make themselves look busy… they’re going to get paid anyway… rather you have them busy making YOU money!

You sit yourself down, and create a special package offer, something like $290 worth of salon or spa services for a special price of $127. It’s for this week only, at that price you only offer 17 packages. You write that out and then fire up your email service that can broadcast that special offer out to your list of past clients and prospects. You hit the send button on your computer and then go and get yourself a cup of coffee.

5 minutes later you are enjoying the coffee and the telephone starts to ring. Not just once but a steady stream. You’re front desk receptionist is starting to get a little busy so you put another staff member on the telephones to help her out. The people who are ringing are clients who want to book in for the special offer they just received in their email inbox. They were thinking about doing something special this week and then your email promoting your special offer prompted them to give you a call. Hey… they’re SAVING money coming in to pay you $127.

Pretty soon the 17 packages have been sold and the clients are all booked in… in fact, you’ve actually sold 25 packages… That’s not bad, let’s not tell anyone we actually sold a few more than what we said we would. Your staff are now busy for the week and you’ve just generated (25 @ $127) $3,175 from one email.

Not bad for a few minutes work!

What I’ve just described to you is not fantasy. There are a very small number of Salons and Spas who are doing this time and time again, continually profiting from the power of Salon Email Marketing. In fact, one Spa owner I know credits in excess of 10’s of Thousands of Dollars in profits to simple email marketing.

Now… why do you think there are very few Salons or Spas using this strategy? Here’s my take on it. Very few understand or know how to do it!

That’s why I’ve created a brand new product called “Email Marketing For Salons & Spas – Email Success Strategies To Explode Your Salon and Spa Profits”. I recommend you check out this great resource now. It’s not expensive, just $67 USD. PLUS, there are some great bonuses, worth far more than the entire cost of the product. Just click here to discover more information.

To your Salon Marketing Success

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