Salon Internet Marketing - Adding Content To Your Salon Website

Salon Internet Marketing – Adding Content

by David Glendinning · 1 comment

Number 1 on your salon internet marketing strategy is to continue to deliver great website content that educates and informs your clients and prospects of the services you provide in your Salon or Spa.

And I’m often asked the best way to do this. It’s also a great idea to deliver this content in a way that you benefit from search engine rankings.

Here’s what usually happens. You spend a small fortune on getting a website built and then you just leave it hoping it’s going to get more clients coming into your door.

Well, to some that does happen. If you get it built right the first time then with a bit of luck you start to get a whole pile of traffic from the search engines.

And if it’s a Salon Success Website Solution, you’ll likely have great Google rankings for all the keywords that relate to the services you provide.

But there’s a need to continue to add good quality content that engages your readers, builds your credibility and get’s your clients and prospects to keep coming back to your website.

So what do I recommend for adding content? Well… the best salon internet marketing strategy that I haver seen is commonly referred to as “Blogging”. In fact, I’ve written a FREE guide “Blogging For Salons” that you can download right now. Just locate the download link from within the following article…

Blogging For Salons

Here’s why I recommend Blogging.

  • it’s quick and easy for you to login to your Blog Admin panel and add the content… so there’s no need for a web designer.
  • when you base your content on keywords associated with your marketplace, you will gain search engine rankings for that keyword.
  • it catalogues your posts (your articles) and then archives them for easy access.
  • you can quickly inform your clients about things that are happening within your Salon or Spa. eg. have a new facial product, hair colouring system, or even a special offer… then put it up on your Blog.
  • have a client of the week… Blog about it and include some photos.
  • you can easily incorporate a Blog into your existing website.

All in all, it’s a great Salon internet marketing strategy. One that will keep your website fresh and updated.

Make sure you grab a copy of the FREE “Blogging For Salons” guide from the link above.

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