Salon Marketing Mothers Day Promotion

Salon Marketing Mothers Day Promotion

by David Glendinning · 2 comments

Without doubt, one of the best online salon marketing opportunities for your salon or day spa is Mothers Day.

Having the ability to quickly and easily contact your client or prospect list is the key. And if you have the right salon email marketing campaign setup you can profit massively from this once a year event.

I’ve just got off the phone from a good friend of mine who, with his partner, own and operate their own Day Spa. He was pretty excited! “Dave, I can’t talk long, I’m just too busy sending out all these gift vouchers that we’ve sold this week.”

So I asked him what sort of results he had achieved. Now my friend sent the first email out on Monday of this week (today is Thursday, the week leading up to Mothers Day). The telephones started to ring within a few minutes of the email going out and they had a great result by the end of the day.

I actually spoke to him on the Tuesday, and suggested that he send another email out the next day. I even gave him an idea of the “selling” technique to use so that it “naturally” flowed on from the first email.

So the second email went out on Wednesday… again the phones started to go crazy with people wanting to take advantage of the mothers day packages they were promoting.

Now here’s the results so far… over $20,000 in sales from 2 emails, average sale over $200. In fact, of the 3 offers he sent, the lowest value offer is being outsold 2:1.

In fact, he even sold a gift voucher to a guy in Sydney (who wanted it for his Mum, here in Perth, Western Australia) and he hadn’t been into their Day Spa for over 4 years. Another comment was from a real estate rep who mentioned that they were the only salon or day spa (she had been to a few over the years) that would consistently send out value added offers by email.

Here’s the salon marketing strategy for mothers day promotions.

  • if you haven’t done it already, start collecting email addresses from your clients and prospects through your salon website or from those that visit your salon or day spa.
  • you will make more profits from a multi-step email campaign. So in the week leading up to Mothers Day you should be planning 2 or 3 emails to go to your list.
  • you must promote value added packages if you want to sell mothers day gift certificates. That is the packages that have a value far in excess of the gift voucher. Example… “get $397 worth of beauty treatments for only $247”.
  • consistently use emails to stay in touch with clients and prospects.

Here’s the salon email marketing resource that you WANT to get your hands on…

This resource details step by step, what you need to know and understand for effective salon email marketingPLUS, you’ll get a collection of money making emails that salons and day spas have actually used in their promotions… including Mothers Day!

What would you do with an extra $20,000 in your Salon or Day Spa right now?

To your successful salon marketing…

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Glow on Collins April 16, 2012 at 6:22 pm

Would love to start doing promotions and specials for my hair salon. Thank you


David Glendinning April 16, 2012 at 6:41 pm


Thanks for your comment. Go and check out some results on other salons who have recently done promotions. Just click here


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