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Salon Marketing – Strategies to Promote Your Website

by David Glendinning · 3 comments

Today I’m going to talk a little bit more about Salon Marketing… specifically how you can get more visitors to your website.

I’ve mentioned this before. Very few… and I mean very few, salon owners even think about marketing their salon websites. This is what I call the “Create and Forget” syndrome. They simply CREATE their salon website, get it looking all pretty so that they can show their friends and tickle their EGO… and they FORGET about it.

It’s one of the biggest mistakes Salon Owners make. They rarely add any content, rarely change anything. But perhaps a bigger and more costly mistake is not doing anything about it! I’ve been telling you how  the “million dollar” salons use their website to continually bring in more and more profits and still the EGO driven salon owners do nothing about it.

Maybe I seem a little harsh but I’m telling you what I’m seeing! Anyway… let’s get on with the strategies.

Here’s My top 5, Salon Marketing Strategies For Your Website

The goal is to get more visitors to your website… and once they come, to get them to take the action you want them to take. I’ve spoken about that in other salon marketing articles… you want them to give you their name and email address so that you can continue to market to them in the future.

1. Consider your salon marketing “keywords”

Have you ever noticed the Title bar in your browser when you visit a website?

Salon Website Title Bar

It should include the number 1 keyword that you want to appear in the search engines as. So if you do “Laser Skin Therapy” and you’re based in the location of “Emerald”, then that’s what it should say. Go and check that keyword in Google… it has number 1 ranking.

Too many salon websites don’t do that. Many have the name of the Salon or some other obscure title. If someone doesn’t know you and they try and search for you it won’t matter what your Salon name is. They will look for the service they are after.

Here’s the next thing. If you have many pages on your website, they should all be relevant to a different keyword. Again, many salon websites have the same Title throughout their website… a big mistake for search engine presence.

2. Add great Content

This is another search engine strategy, but it is also a “positioning” strategy. You should position yourself as an authority on what you do. If someone comes to your website they want good, relevant content. If you’re a beauty salon, then a great salon marketing strategy is to provide information to the web visitor that they will value. A very effective way to do this is through the technique of blogging

3. Promote your website using traditional media

Do you include your website URL on all your stationery, cards, communication to your clients. If you place ads in the local media, include your website address. You could even send them direct to a specific website page that relates to the ad and offer you are promoting. It’s been proven that some people prefer to go direct to a web page than make telephone contact with a business. By promoting your website address you benefit on both counts.

4. Use email marketing

I’ve discussed this salon marketing strategy in different articles on this website. It’s easy to email your client list and refer them to a website page. It gets them back to the website, puts them in front of your offer which if good, will get you sales. The other benefit is that salon email marketing is cheap, quick and can be very effective.

5. Promote your website in online forums and blogs

There are many online forums and blogs (just like this one) related to your industry. Find some that have serious (not spammy) discussion on your subject. Don’t be overly “aggressive” in plugging your website, be helpful, offer responses and let your “signature” at the end of your post do the marketing for you.

The other benefit of this is that your signature could provide you with inbound links to your website thus improving your web “visibility” and your search engine placement.

That’s it… 5 of my top salon marketing strategies for your website. Would love to hear your opinions, so leave your comments below.

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Barbara Ling February 20, 2009 at 7:21 pm

I love seeing niche sites that teach such targeted niche marketing in terms anyone can understand! Excellent article (especially regarding the local keywords suggestion). Good job! Barbara


Ashley Kimler September 15, 2011 at 4:15 am

I wish I would have found this article a long time ago! I have been building my own websites for quite some time and I now know all this, but it would have saved me a lot of headache. I would recommend this article to any salon doing online marketing of any kind.


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