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Salon Marketing: You Want The Traffic… Here’s How!

by David Glendinning · 1 comment

I spent a bit of time this week checking out quite a few salon websites. I see many salon marketing strategies all designed to get more traffic to their salon or spa websites.

And it got me thinking about that famous Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise exchange in the movie “A Few Good Men” and how it relates to what I was looking at with salon websites.

You Want The Traffic, You Can’t Handle The Traffic! Not exactly the line from the movie but here’s my point.

Most Salon & Spa Owners think they need more traffic to be successful online. And many are spending far too much on Pay-Per-Click programs that send them to web pages that have no great strategies to convert those visitors to paying clients.

Very few Salon or Spa websites get FREE traffic from the search engines. And the problem that creates is they have to pay for the traffic instead! And the problem of having no “Conversion” strategy is that many are wasting their money.

So what to do about it?

First up… stop any PPC program immediately until you have measured conversions.

Second… when you discover that your conversions are LOUSY, learn more about the type of salon website content you should be using to massively improve your conversions… salon website content that sells!

Third… and maybe one of the most effective salon marketing online strategies you can do, is discover what things will improve your search engine rankings immediately. Because when you get great search engine rankings you will get MORE FREE traffic, MORE clients and MORE profit from your salon or spa website.

And here’s the best part… many of these strategies to get improved search engine rankings can be implemented without changing anything on your salon or spa website.

I’ve just created a new FREE mini-course that you can go to right now called “Salon Success Search Engine Optimization Secrets“. Click on the link below and you’ll go straight to it. You don’t even have to opt-in with your name or email address.

Here it is, just click on the link… Salon Website SEO Secrets

It won’t take you long to read it. And you’ll be far more informed about how to dominate the search engines for your Salon or Spa website.

To Your Salon Success

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Peter B Butler March 27, 2009 at 4:25 pm

Good article David, tis too true. To see people busting their gut or spending hard earned dollars on getting traffic to their site when they don’t have a clear plan to handle that and convert them into paying clients is all to common. Well said.


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