Salon Website Content – Putting Money Into Your Cash Register

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Well, 2009 is right around the corner and as a successful Salon Marketer (as you all should be) it’s probably the time you all sit down and start thinking about your new year goals.

Goals are great… looking at your market, seeing where it’s going, how you need to adapt will keep you ahead of your competition.

And what about your salon website? Is it time to give it a bit of a tidy up, maybe even a total salon website makeover?

Let me give you a heads up on what you should be thinking about… what you should be doing with your website!

It’s all about Content! Great content will put money into your bank account!

Salon website content that sellsContent is the currency of the internet. Your web page is simply  storage space for your content – audio, video, text, images.  People visit your website to consume the content you’ve placed there.  And more often than not, she who has the most content wins; it simply gives your internet visitor more chances to interact with you.

That’s a simple concept.  But why is it so hard to execute?

There are a few reasons for this… most of all I see a real fancy looking salon website that cost a small fortune to create that stays exactly the same for years and years. With no new content being added!

Having provided individual, one on one coaching (no longer available) to many salon owners on how to grow their business, I have a fair idea on what holds you back from creating content.

  1. you have no idea how to do it nor does your website have the ability for a complete internet novice (as most salon owners are) to add content, or
  2. it’s fear.

Fear of looking dumb in front of the HUGE audience that is the web.

I get it.  I’ve been there.

As a business owner myself, I had the same basic looking website for years. I had no idea how to change anything, when I tried to do it everything broke and then it cost me a fortune to get it fixed!

But then… well… I got over myself.

And within a few short months I turned that website into a money making machine! It started to generate about 20% of my total revenue and it worked for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Creating content – and selling it – can be scary.  It’s putting a bit of you out there for people to judge.  So if you feel like your writing, your videos, your audios aren’t “good enough” you absolutely need to know that you are not alone with that fear!

So to start creating content, here’s a few ideas… and I rarely see Salon owners doing this stuff, so here’s how you could blow your competition out of the water.

  1. Have a new product or service? Then write a short article about the benefits of it, put it on your website, make an offer to your web visitors and tell them what they have to do to take advantage of it!
  2. Get some video testimonials from happy clients, put it up on YouTube and then feed it into your website.
  3. Have a new promotion… Again, write a short article and put it on your website.
  4. Interview some of your clients about why they have certain treatments and what they like about it. Record it on a small digital voice recorder and then upload the MP3 recording to your website.

How often should you be adding content? Once a week would be great, once a month will probably be OK. Are the tips above difficult to do… maybe for you, right now, it could be challenging… but it’s easy to learn and apply!

And get away from creating the “library” style of website. That’s the one where you create a page for all of your services and it’s full of technical “rubbish”, mostly all about YOU!

Create content that is benefit driven, is not about you but directed at your clients, and tell the web visitor what they have to do next. You’ll benefit from increased sales, improved search engine rankings and you’ll be way ahead of your competition.

It’s Web Content That Sells… the type of content that will put money into your cash register!

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