Salon Website Content? Try This Super Strategy

by David Glendinning · 1 comment

Salon Website Strategy for Content - Customer of the DayStuck for content on your Salon blog part of your website. Well… try this for a great salon website strategy –  “Your Customer of The Day”

Now, before I get into that strategy let’s just go back a little and touch on something I’ve talked about before.

What’s the main purpose of communicating with your clients? To me, it’s about building the relationship part of your business with your client base. It’s a well known fact… the better the relationship, the easier it is to sell… and the more profits for your business.

And when you get it right, you don’t actually have to try to sell!

Let me explain. When you work on building a relationship with your clients, you create trust in what you say… your clients will listen to your advice and buy on your recommendation.

When you say buy this product because you believe it to be the best, they will! And when you explain that the value in this service is far more than how much it’s going to cost them, your client will buy!

All you need to do is continue to communicate with your clients. And what’s the best way to do that… through your website.

I’m not talking about the traditional style of website. You know, the glossy, static type of website where the content stays the same for months, possibly even years. I’m talking about the Web 2.0 style of Salon website, where the content is updated regularly, maybe even daily… through the use of a Blog!

Can your website do that? Allow you to regularly update it through a Blog that can automatically get sent out to your client list?

Very few salon websites can! Those who have a Salon Success Website solution can.

Now, let’s get back to the “Customer of The Day” strategy.

Imagine this. Each day you select someone as your “Customer of The Day”. You take their photo, you describe who they are, where their from and the type of treatment / service they get in your Salon each time they visit. Now get this right! Of course you tell them that their photo is going on your website for a week or so and you’re going to have it up there for all your clients to see.

Some may not want you to do that… many will! Respect that, and only do those that approve of you doing it.

Does it have to be each day? I would… but you may want to do it each week. As long as it’s regular and consistent.

How powerful a tool is that? It’s a great strategy. It builds a relationship with your client base. They enjoy reading and seeing that stuff. And it’s very easy content to create.

And I bet that the first Salons to start using this strategy will get a great response form their client base. Plus you will continue to get great traffic coming to your website each day to see who the “Customer of The Day” is. And this traffic will be exposed to your offers displayed on your website.

I got the idea for this strategy from an email I received today from another marketer. OK, it’s not original… but many great marketing strategies aren’t. Figure out what’s working somewhere else and apply it to your business today.

And that’s how easy it is to apply a proven marketing strategy to your salon website.

Go do it now… and let me know how it goes.

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