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Salon Website Critique – Get Your Website Reviewed, for FREE

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If you are looking for a sure-fire way to improve your salon or day spa website performance, then this may be the most important post you’ve ever read…

As an online marketer and business consultant to the Salon and Day Spa industry, I get to see many salon websites. The feedback I get from salon and day spa owners in regards to their websites is pretty much the same…

  • Website not delivering the results they expected?
  • Need to generate more leads?
  • Enhance their visitors experience?
  • Improve their sales?
  • Earn more money?

So if this problem pretty much applies to your salon or day spa website then you are NOT alone.

Let me cut right to the chase; I’ve been desiging and developing websites since 1998. My clients often hire me to evaluate their current, underperforming (sometimes home-made) websites.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that most ineffective websites are all guilty of the same basic problems. Unfortunately, most salon owners continue to make these same mistakes over and over again because they just aren’t aware of the crucial rules of successful website design;

  1. to get more traffic
  2. to increase conversions from website visitor to paying client
  3. to make more sales

But here’s the thing… possibly, with a few tweaks, these under-performing websites can be saved. On some occasions they may need a complete re-build before they can become a money making online machine… a website that converts web visitors to cash paying clients of your salon or day spa.

So here’s how YOU can benefit. I’m offering 3 only FREE website critiques to my valued list of clients. I usually charge $397 for a website critique… they take time. But right now, you can have a critique of your website for no cost!

Here’s what you have to do… Go to the link below and complete your details. The first 3 who do so will get a critique of their website for FR*EE.

I’ll pinpoint strategies on how you can convert your low performing website into a “money making” online automated machine.

You’ll have to respond quickly… I’m only offering 3 website critiques at no cost. If you delay, you’ll miss out.

Go to the link now…

To Your Salon Success

David Glendinning

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