The Power of Salon Email Marketing

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Salon Email Marketing promotion for Valentines DayIt’s Valentines Day time of year again. And, as a Salon Owner, it’s that time of year where your salon marketing gears towards selling gift vouchers to those wanting to impress their loved ones.

Today, I want to tell you about one Salon Owner I know… let’s call him “Mr X”… who continually defies the current economic climate and talk of “recession slow down” by constantly making more money while his competitors suffer.

He is one of the “Million Dollar” salon owners I talk about in my report “Website ‘Money Making’ Nuggets – How Million Dollar Salons & Spas Make Money On The Internet That They Don’t Want You To Know About…”

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So what does Mr X do?

Well first up, he makes a great offer… in fact he came up with 3 great packages for Valentines Day. He had one valued at $438 that you only paid $287 and another valued at $385 that you only paid $197.

Are you getting the idea yet? Great OFFER, great SAVING, if you buy now!

Now here’s the thing… your great offer will fail if it “falls on deaf ears”! What do I mean? Well, if you come up with a great offer and have no one to tell about it, then chances are your salon marketing promotion will fail.

Here’s what a typical salon does. And I see this time and time again. I have a big shopping centre nearby. And in that centre there would be at least 3 beauty salons, 7 hairdressers. You walk past them and they have a sign on the window displaying their latest offer. Nothing against that type of marketing, but it’s not going to create a flood of customers.

They may even post out an offer to the client list. Many don’t as they realize it’s going to cost them at least 50 cents for the stamp, more for the printing of the offer and the envelope, and who knows how much time and energy to stuff the envelope. So the typical salon owner figures it’s going to cost too much and take too much time to be profitable. And besides, last year Valentines Day was not that great a promotion and today, times are tough… aren’t we in a recession??

This is just the thing that Mr X wants his competition to think! You don’t think his salon turns over in excess of a million dollar a year in sales doing and “thinking” the same as the struggling salons do.

Mr X uses salon email marketing very effectively. And he knows that he can blast out this offer to his client list in minutes… at little or no cost.

And he can do this as a salon email marketing campaign. In fact, he has sent out 2 emails to his list so far with a third to come very soon in the lead up to Valentines Day. He understands that a great salon marketing campaign requires more than one contact so as to maximise his profits.

Is you salon or day spa doing this? Using email marketing to promote offers, make sales and improve profits.

If you are… congratulations!

If you’re not… what are you going to do about it? You are missing out on salon profits! What you need to do is get your hands on Email Marketing For Salons & Days Spas… Email Success Strategies To Explode Your Salon & Spa Profits.

It’s a step by step guide with some great bonuses that you can start using today.

Here’s to successful Salon online marketing!

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