Why You Need To Start Blogging for Increased Salon Profits

by David Glendinning · 3 comments

Salon Blogging StrategiesI’m often asked by my Salon clients who take up the Salon Success Website opportunity “what is blogging and why would it benefit my salon business”. So instead of thinking up something brand new to write about in my blog here I went and asked Google.

I just love Google… has all the answers… well, to most things anyway!

I came across this article from Gary Bourgeault at the thealphamarketer.com titled “10 Great Strategic Benefits of Blogging“. It had some great points so let me go through them and explain them from a salon owners perspective.

1. Search Engine Marketing

Blogs give you an increased presence on major search engines, like Yahoo! and Google. It’s surprising to me that many Salon websites aren’t “optimized” for search engines in their particular market. Let’s say you have a beauty salon in the suburb of South Yarra, Melbourne.

If I go to Google and type in “Beauty Salon South Yarra” will I find your website? I’m finding many salon websites are not appearing in the search engine at all.

Here’s where the power of blogging comes in. Just yesterday I published a blog post “10 Quick Tips for Salon Website Success“. Within 24 hours that article was ranked number 1 in Google for the search term “salon website tips“. And that was out of 307,000 competing website pages that included those search words.

2. Direct Communications

Blogs allow you to speak directly, openly and honestly with your client. That’s a great point! Many Salon websites I look at are what I call “library” websites with each page full of technical stuff about their service. They rarely promote offers, or interesting information.

Blog posts (blogging articles) are ideal for that purpose.

3. Brand Building

The more information and content you provide will build your brand in your marketplace. Your client wants to know what you know! The more you directly communicate with them the more your Salon will stay in their mind.

4. Competitive Differentiation

I could just about guarantee… your competition is not using blogging as a marketing tool. Learn about it and start now and you will be dominating your market ONLINE very quickly.

5. Relational Marketing

Blogging allows you to build a personal, long lasting relationship, online, with your clients. And that leads to more money in your cash register!

6. Exploit the Niches

Most Salons provide a wide range of services and products… each one a different, unique, niche. Let’s say you start a new service eg. paramedical skin treatments. Write a keyword rich blog article, outline the benefits and I bet you will have a search engine presence within that niche within 48 hours. You might even rank number 1.

7. Media and Public Relations

Use your blog to create great content and you will soon become an authority in that niche. Who knows… the media may contact you!

8. Position You as An Expert

You got that right! You will be the ONLINE authority articulating your views and opinions and become the source of knowledge in your niche.

9. Reputation Management

You will be building a reputation online for informative discussion within your niche.

10. Low Cost

Great point… blogs are inexpensive to setup, operate and maintain.

11. It’s Easy to Blog

I know I said there were 10 points, but I always want to provide you with a little added value! You don’t need to be a computer geek to start blogging. The learning curve is small and you could do it all yourself without having to get a web firm to do it for you. Simply log on, write an article and Publish it… DONE!

All the best for 2009.

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