Salon Marketing with Google Adwords

Salon Marketing With Google Adwords

by David Glendinning · 1 comment

I see many salon and spa owners trying to make money using Google Adwords “Pay Per Click” (PPC) campaigns to drive traffic to their salon websites. Put simply, you pay Google when a web visitor clicks on your campaign Ad that results in them “landing” on your website.

Not all of them are succeeding. Many are paying more money for the clicks than sales being made when they visit your salon website. Many are failing because they’re trying to do it by themselves without the proper level of knowledge or understanding how the Google Adwords system works.

Now you don’t have to do this all by yourself!

Today I want to tell you about a FREE tool that you can download right now that will massively help you in your salon marketing with Google Adwords.

How does this Google Adwords tool work?  It automatically seeks out high quality sites than run Google Adwords, on the exact topics that you’re looking for.  It then tells you the traffic that these sites get and gives you a list that you then enter into your google adwords campaign to be able to start advertising on those targeted sites for a fraction of what the search network costs.

Those of you who do salon marketing with Google Adwords may know that you can run your ad campaigns either on the “search” network or the “content” network. Understanding how both these networks function can considerable reduce your “costs per click” (CPCs).

This is not a black hat tool.  It simply automates what would take you hours and hours and hours – if you could do it at all.  Simply input your keywords into the software, and get dozens, if not hundreds, of targeted sites that will help you make money faster.

Best of all… you can get it now for FREE! It’s called “Adwords Digger

Now, there are other products and software that claim to be able to do this… and, some might actually be able to do it… for a price.  That’s right, all of “Adwords Digger” competitors expect you to pay for their product when you can get this tool for FREE.

What?  You want me to repeat that last part?  I said FREE.  And I do mean free.  100% absolutely, completely free.  No purchase required.  No mail-in rebates. (Am I obsessing about this point?  Perhaps.  Buy that’s because it’s FREE!!) And not free*, either.  No fine-print asterisk that taketh away.  It’s not a demo, or a free trial.  When you go to Adwords Digger and download it, you get the complete full version.

Download it NOW by clicking here.

Adwords Digger is one of a suite of tools from the PPCKahuna membership program that they have decided to make public.  It only takes about 10 minutes to download, and you’ll get lower CPCs and a higher conversion rate on your salon marketing Adwords campaigns.

What else could you want?  Oh, you want to know how it works?  Fine. Once you select your keywords, and select how many results to check, Adwords Digger then gets the results, visits each site, and checks the site’s traffic stats. When that step is complete, it ranks the sites for you, and you just select the URLs that you want to use and save it as a text file.  Copy and paste that text file into your Adwords placement targeting list and voila! your salon marketing Adwords campaign will start running on those targeted sites.

And have I mentioned that it’s free (I may have, at some point.)  So really, what do you have to lose?

I’m going to be talking a lot more about PPC programs in future articles. Stay tuned.

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Peter B Butler March 12, 2009 at 6:11 pm

Thanks for the heads up David, good content as usual.


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