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As marketers (all Salon Owners should be) and in making use of the internet to sell our products and services, we should have at least a little understanding of the importance of search engines.

What good’s a website if you don’t have any web traffic? And that’s where search engines come into it.

It’s amazing how many clients I talk to that don’t have a clue about it. They may have a website but when you ask them where they rank in the search engines, many don’t have a clue.

Fact is… it’s NOT there fault! There’s a saying… “they operate up to their level of competence… or incompetence.” The get this website built, some by fancy web designers others by a friend or relative and they don’t consider search engines at all. They probably figure just having a website is enough.

And that was me! In a past business I had, I created a website, had it re-built 3 or 4 times… and eventually it ended up in a search engine. It was page 10 or 12 for my search term… but it was in a search engine.

Then I read something about linking from other websites… so I joined up with a link website and went and got a 100 or so free inbound reciprocal links. The effect was outstanding… within a month or so my site had got onto the first page… in fact it was ranked between 1 to 4, depending on the search engine.

And the result… tons more traffic to my site! And more $$$ in my cash register.

And this result was gained from inbound links and some on page optimization for search engines. It wasn’t difficult, wasn’t rocket science… but it is a science… one that anybody who has a website could achieve themselves.

OK… so you get a lot of traffic to a website… what next?

Well… the strategy of any website based on Direct Response Website design… is to get the visitor to take the action you want them to take. In the case of my business, I wanted them to fill in a quote form. And that’s exactly what many of them did.

Sometimes 20 a day… sometimes more.

And that simple looking website ended up bringing in over 20% of my sales revenue (which was hundreds of thousands of dollars). And it was from a market that I would not have ordinarily had access to. Many of them were international visitors to Perth, Western Australia who were looking for a car to rent… using the internet.

It didn’t matter how big my business was… it didn’t matter that I was just a Perth local and not a national company. So I could compete against the big guys with just an effective traffic generating website that had high rankings in the search engines.

Now if you haven’t gathered already, here’s my point.

Great rankings in the search engines is like gold to your business. It can generate huge sales. And as a website owner, or planning to be one… you need to understand a little about this.

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