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Facebook for Salon Profits Social Marketing Lesson number 2. The other day I told you about Twitter… am getting great feedback from those of you who have started to learn a bit about social marketing and how to apply it to your Salon business.

Now I want to talk about Facebook. To many of you it’s probably something that you know your kids waste away their time with… actually… so do plenty of adults! But hey! If you want to learn how to use it then go join up and start having fun with it building a network with your friends and family.

And believe me… as a Salon owner you won’t be wasting your time.

I’ve spent the last few days building my Facebook friends list. And many of those friends are very successful business marketers who have learnt how to use Facebook to make plenty of money.

And seeing how they use Facebook is opening up my eyes to it’s true business potential!

Here’s a fact… there are over 250,000 new Facebook registrations EVERY DAY! If you’re in business, it’s time to take this thing seriously and learn how it’s being used to DO business.

Now here’s something that not many understand, nor is it explained so simply… The Golden Rule of doing business online. Here it is:

Making money online consists of 2 critical factors…

  1. Traffic (visitors, eyeballs, clicks etc)
  2. Conversions – action that the Traffic takes. For example, sign up to a mailing list, download a file, join a group, post a comment, order a product.

So where there’s traffic, there’s potential to make money online. Understand that and you’ll start to see the benefits of social marketing tools such as Facebook.

As Salon Owners, you also understand that business is created through relationship and reputation building. Build a great relationship with your clients and your business will grow. However, it is also important to increase the number of clients you serve. The value of relationships and having people talk about your business is huge.

That’s where Facebook comes in. It helps you in the relationship building process. Facebook is a place to make friends and have clients find you. It’s a place you can use to let your clients know what’s going on in your Salon. Facebook does require a different sort of marketing than the “old school” techniques. It’s a “social” place, a place for you to connect and be natural. It’s not a place to continually promote your stuff, spamming group discussions, messaging everyone daily, etc

So what should you do now?

You should join up with Facebook and see how it works. It’s not difficult to get started and learning how to use it. Build up your friend list, let your clients know that you’re now on Facebook. Check out groups that have been created that relate to Salons (you can easily Search). Create your own Salon group, get your Facebook friends to join the group and then start talking to them.

If you want,  go and join my Facebook Page and join as a Fan. That way you’ll get notified by Facebook of any updates to the page.

And one other thing… you don’t need to have your own Salon Website to get Facebook working for your business!

Here’s a great resource that I took advantage of when I wanted to fast track my understanding of Facebook. Facebook Payday shows you the step-by-step help you need to use Facebook and how to use it to make money in your business. It comes with some great tools so go and check it out by clicking here.

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