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What’s All This Fuss About Twitter?

by David Glendinning · 1 comment

Today I decided to work out how to use this thing called Twitter. There are a number of marketers that I follow through receiving their emails or meeting up with them at various times, and I’ve been noticing that they all have been jumping on this thing called Twitter.

And I’ve been thinking how this Twitter thing can help out in business and how for it not to be a major distraction.

And up to now I’ve been ignoring it!

But just the other day I got this email from Mike Filsaime… he’s a very successful Internet Marketer… someone I’ve been following for some time. You can read what he had to say here

After reading that, I’m even more convinced that Twitter is going to be an essential tool for business.

So here’s what I did after reading that…

  • I went and joined up to twitter at
  • I went and found some Twitter people to follow (you can follow me at
  • I downloaded the Twhirl application to my computer desktop
  • I then went into my Facebook (join my Facebook friends list by clicking here) and set it up to feed in my Twitter posts (if you have Facebook, just enter Twitter into the search bar and load the Twitter app)
  • I then installed the WordPress plugin “Twitter Tools” into this website so that my Twitter feed shows up in the sidebar under “Last 7 Twitter Posts”
  • Then I made my first Tweet (that’s a Twitter post)
  • Then I patted myself on the back for such a major accomplishment!

Did it take me long to work out how to do all that… maybe 2 hours!

Now… as a Salon Owner… what has this got to do with you!

Well, if your business is on the Internet it has a lot to do with you. It’s a very advanced method in communicating with your clients… without having to send an email, an SMS or hoping they find your website.

I did a quick search on Facebook for groups associated with Salons. There I found a Salon… just like yours… that had over 1,000 Facebook members. Imagine if you could talk to them at any time of the day right from your desktop.

What a “Tweet” that would be!

That’s what Social Marketing Web 2.0 style is all about. And if you had a Salon Success Website solution you could easily integrate that into your website.

Go and get Twitter… and at the very least follow me through Twitter.

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Lisa M. December 31, 2008 at 7:11 am

I was searching Google for beauty resources needed for a webinar and found your new post about Twitter for salon success! Its a great tool, make sure you follow some of the beauty bloggers and Social Media & Marketing experts too. I look forward to your tweets!


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