Number 1 Goal of your Salon Website

The #1 Goal of Your Salon Website

by David Glendinning · 2 comments

What’s the #1 Goal of your Salon Website… the purpose of your website?

I reckon many salon owners would not have a clue about this one! Take a look around at the salon websites online… check out your competitors. Is it to have the prettiest pictures, fancy Flash graphics showing the latest styles & fashions, how great and clean your Salon looks like… or just to to tell everyone how great your service and staff are!


If you’re a salon business, the purpose of your salon website is to SELL something. Forget about anything else. Your website should have ONE main focus. That is, when a visitor comes to your website you should have ONE intended course of action that you want them to follow!

So, when someone comes to your website, it should be clearly obvious what ONE action you want them to take.

Put simply, get them to make a choice and get them to do it NOW! That’s the style of marketing I promote… it’s the type of marketing that will make you RICH! And it’s called Direct Response Marketing!

OK, so we want the visitor to your salon website to be presented with ONE choice. To do this, you have two options:

Option 1: Buy YOUR  product or service
Option 2: Leave their name and email address for future follow up

If your strategy is option 1, then the best way to achieve that is to use a strong selling sales letter as the main text on your website. You don’t want a lot of links, you don’t want them to have to press “continue” to view the rest of your sales piece. The MAIN focus of your website is the sales letter.

Now don’t go thinking your business is different… The answer is clear. For your website to be an effective selling machine your product or service is not different.


Because you’re still selling to humans and the psychology of buying is all based on emotion. If you target that emotion in your sales copy then you will have a strong chance of success in making the sale.

What about option 2?

If you’re selling a $2,000 product, or even a selection of different services (the typical Salon) to a cold audience of web visitors then that’s going to be hard to achieve. They’re not going to make up their mind straight away after looking at your website the first time.

So what should you do?

You offer them an ethical BRIBE… you give them reason to provide you with their name and email address and possibly other contact information. This BRIBE could be in the form of a free gift, a free report that provides valuable information, or even a free online course delivered by email.

You can then follow them up through effective email marketing. You may not sell them today, but you may have a strong chance of selling to them in the future. Having a qualified (interested in your product or service) targeted opt-in email list is as good as money in the bank!

So when you are building your website you have to choose what your primary goal is. If you’re selling a product under $50 with a proven high conversion rate then option 1 may be for you. But for the typical Salon business, option 2 may prove more effective.

That’s the basis of a Direct Response Salon Website… a website that has a clear identifiable course of action for your visitor… and one that is designed to SELL.

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Find A Beauty December 19, 2008 at 1:22 am

I believe email marketing is something that a lot of businesses forget to do. It is one of the greatest forms of effective marketing because it isn’t just random spam, but something they signed up for themselves. Thanks for the post.


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