How Google Finds Your Salon or Spa

How Google “Finds” Your Salon or Spa

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I’ve always said that it’s no good having a website for your salon or spa business without it being easily found in the search engines.

And the most important search engine is Google! There are many others, but the fact is most people searching on the internet use Google as their search engine.

So if you want your prospective clients to find you, then your business better show up in Google.

If you want your business to be the 1st choice for these prospective clients, then you want to aim to be the first business listed in Google.

Now… there are plenty of website companies out there telling you that they can get you listed #1 in Google, and to a salon or spa business owner, that might be appealing enough for you to spend money with one of them for that to happen.

But I’m telling you right now… it’s not always going to be achieved!

Let’s say your business is located in Sydney, Australia.

I’ll just about guarantee that your business is not going to be ranked #1 in the city of Sydney!

And anyone promising you that, telling you it’ll only cost you a few hundred dollars, is likely to be full of sh%t!

Yes… it’s possible.

But unless you’re prepared to spend upwards of $10,000 over the next 12 months trying to achieve that, it’s highly likely it’s not going to happen!

The reason it’s likely not to happen is because of the competitiveness of the “Sydney” keyword.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a hair salon, beauty salon or day spa.

To be ranked #1 in Google for that keyword is going to be a very expensive task. And even spending a lot of money doing it, may not ever produce the result you wanted.

And I doubt if many of you are prepared to “gamble” that amount of money!

But right now, I want to digress for just a minute… I want to explain something very important.

There are 3 types of search results

1.    Paid advertising results – using Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program.

The PPC results vary from day to day, dependent on how much a business owner is prepared to pay, on that particular day, to have their business advert displayed at the top of the search results.

If for any reason they stop paying, their Ad will diasppear.

This is the Google Adwords program and it makes Google a lot of money!

2.    Google Places listings

These are the Google Business Listings, referred to as Google Places. The top 7 Google Places listings are displayed here, based on the geographic location (physical address) of your business.

These listings are free, unlike the Google Adwords listings.

How do you get ranked in the Top 7? That’s a complete different strategy to the Google Adwords campaign and not something I’m going to get into right now. If you want to know more about this then checkout this link – Salon Google Places

3.    Natural Organic search results.

Then there are the “natural organic” search results. These listings stay pretty much the same each day and cost absolutely nothing.

These listings are based on the quality and design of your website.  If Google decides that your website is very “relevant” to the search term, then it will “rank” your website above your competition.

One thing to note here. If you employ an effective Google Places strategy, then the “Natural Organic” listing can “join” your Google Places listing as ONE combined listing.

So… back to the title of this article “How Google “Finds” Your Salon or Spa”.

Well, if you haven’t quite discovered it yet, it’s based on your geographic location.

Let’s say your business is a “Hair Salon”.

If a prospective client searching for your services types that into Google, it will provide results within a short distance of where you presently are.

Google’s got very clever doing that.

You may have heard the term “geo-targeting”. The term is used a lot when talking about smart phones like the iPhone.

Google knows where you are located, so the search engine provides results within your vicinity based on the keyword you typed in.

To get around the “geo-targeting” of search results, the person searching would have to type in “hair salon sydney” or something more precise “hair salon surry hills” (which is a Sydney suburb).

Now… let’s go back to those website companies that promise you a #1 listing in Google.

These companies are more than likely referring to your geographic location. So if you’re based in Surry Hills NSW, then that’s what they will try and get you a #1 ranking for.

Put simply… they’re more than likely just going to ensure you have a Google Places listing.

That’s not a bad thing… you should have a Google Places listing.

But don’t expect miracles for a few hundred dollars!

There are a few “essential elements” you require if you want your business website to produce great results.

And by that I’m referring to more clients into your business. Your salon or spa website is a tool to bring more money into your business. To achieve that requires many more parts than just a #1 listing in Google for your geographic area.

So BEWARE! Beware of those so called “website experts” promising the world for a few hundred dollars. Spending that amount can be worthwhile, but it will only be a small part of a complex system and it may not give you all the results you’re wanting or expecting.

If you’ve got more questions, click here to contact me

I’m going to give you a few more tips next week… stay tuned.

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