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Is Your Salon One Of These?

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WARNING: in this blog post, I’m going to be talking about how you can find MORE CASH in your business.

How to make MORE money!

If talking about making money offends you, or you’d rather be talking about how to deliver a more comforting, wonderful, sensual experience for your clients, then STOP reading now as you’d be wasting your time.

Business is getting tougher, that’s why I want to talk about YOU making MORE money!

I’m on a number of Salon forums… those places Salon Owners go to discuss everything from how to handle staff, to what machine they should be using to rip, suck, fill all parts of the body in the pursuit of beauty.

All good stuff!

But lately, I’ve started to see more and more of these comments… “I’ve had enough, I’m not having as much fun as I used to have, business is harder, I’m losing money, I’m closing my Salon.”

And in fact, they do close their business. I see it all over the city where I live.

This concerns me… Why?

Well, let’s put that into perspective… I’m not doubting that these salon owners are having a hard time. But think about this… would salon owners be saying this if they were making lots of money?

I doubt it very much. Have you ever heard someone say “I’m making too much money, I’m closing my salon?”

One of my marketing mentors said to me once. “You don’t have any problem that having more cash wouldn’t solve!”

Never forgotten that… and if business is getting tougher that’s what you should be thinking about.

When was the last time YOU were thinking about how to find MORE money in your business?

Where would you start?

Let me save you some time.

I’d start right here:

  1. Where can you get MORE clients?
  2. How can I get my existing clients to buy from me MORE often?

Because, if you’re successful with these 2 things, you’re going to be making enough money.

I talk to salon owners every day. The one’s that focus on those 2 things MAKE more money! Those that focus on those things EVERY day, make a lot of MONEY!

Here’s something else that’s very common with salon owners.

Very few of you, are willing to spend much money in trying to achieve the 2 things above.

And rightly so!

Small business can’t afford it. I tell those salon owners I work with to STOP spending money. And that’s because many of you spend money carelessly on stuff that just doesn’t work. Such things as:

  • newspaper ads
  • yellow pages
  • magazine ads
  • flyers
  • glossy brochures
  • google ads
  • the latest Facebook fad

Just to clarify… you can make money spending money on those things… but many of you don’t know how to do them well.

Most of the time you waste your money!

So if you don’t know how to them well… STOP spending your money!

You’d be far better off investing your time and money on studying how to do those things well.

Back to the 2 points above.

We all want MORE clients and we want our clients to KEEP spending money with us! The question is “what have you been doing to ATTRACT more clients and then get them to spend MORE money with you, MORE often.”

Not that long ago, when I was checking out the comments on one of those salon forums, I was getting a little frustrated with the continual comments and focus on problems the salon owners were having.

No one was discussing a solution… they just wanted to discuss the problems. It’s OK to vent, but this is business – eventually someone has to solve it!

My frustration turned to annoyance… so I offered this little challenge, actually it was a great opportunity.

On this day I felt I wanted to give something, to be helpful… actually show them what they could achieve if they focused on a solution, not the problem. I wanted to show them what they were missing.

I offered the first 2 salon owners who contacted me, a way they could make at least $2,000 in the next 7 days. And I would do all the work!

Here’s what happened!

  • Beverley, Salon 1: made $4,110 in just over 7 days
  • Denise, Salon 2: made $2,055 in 7 days

So how did I do this?

It was pretty simple. We made an offer to their existing clients, sent them an email and their clients responded by purchasing the offer.

You can read more about what I did for Beverley and Denise here

How Salon Owners Should Be Using The Internet

If you want/need to make more money quickly, then the internet is the fastest and cheapest way to do it.

It’s low-cost/high probability of success.

There is no other media like it… when used correctly!

However, I see many salon owners struggle with this in their business. And many have wasted a significant amount of money trying to get it to work.

But when you get it right, it can have a MAJOR impact on your salon business.

Just like this… a recent client who never had a website has ATTRACTED 12 new clients in the past 9 days. The image below is a snapshot from my in-box showing the new client requests for Central Park Hair Design from their website.


Does your website do anything like that? Not only ATTRACT new clients into your Salon, day in – day out, BUT also have a prospective new client provide their name and contact details BEFORE they visit your Salon.

Getting the internet media RIGHT for your salon can have a dramatic effect on your salon business.

It’s how YOU can make MORE money in your Salon – quickly and cheaply!

Every now and then I offer a FREE consultation to a limited number of salon owners. I call it the “Strategic Internet Master Plan Session”

We get on the phone and discuss how you can BETTER use the internet media for your business.

And I can show YOU how to make MORE sales within the NEXT 7 Days! Just like Beverley and Denise were able to achieve.

Just go and complete your details through the following link

Click Here For Your FREE Consultation

First 3 Salon Owners only though. This BLOG post will be seen by 100’s of Salon Owners within the next 48 hours. You’ll have to be quick!

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