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Marketing Your Salon By Publishing

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Recently I read an article by Dan Kennedy where he spoke about the power of  “publishing”.

And if you don’t know who Dan Kennedy is, he has taught thousands of business owners how to become a master of their business using simple advertising, marketing and sales systems. You can check him out here.

Now Dan goes onto say that if you don’t “publish” regularly, it’s highly likely that you’re business is going to go belly up!

I tend to agree!

“Publish or Perish” is today’s reality for everyone in business!

So what exactly does he mean?

Well… he states:

“EVERY business is in the information business, whether you’re aware of it yet or not. And you NEED to use all the tools available on a variety of platforms to get the message out about your expertise and what makes YOU the top choice above any and all of your competition.”

Never a wiser word be spoken!

As a Salon Owner, you might think that this statement doesn’t apply to you. After all, you provide hair salon,beauty salon, even day spa services.

And you’re thinking that’s got to nothing to do with an “information business”.

The truth is… you are so in the “information business”.

And the wise… and richer… salon owners totally understand that!

And they apply that principle every day!

They “publish” their expertise through;

  • newsletters
  • in-salon education of their products
  • promoting services
  • promoting new services
  • publishing information on their website
  • announcing special offers
  • advising their clients on which products to use

and the information they “publish” explains the reasons why their clients will benefit from the experience of using their services or products.

I see Salon owners “publishing” every day. Either on their website, their Facebook page, their newsletters.

They use every available media to “publish” their expertise to their target markets.

Compare what they do… to what YOU do!

Do you “publish” regularly? Do you understand how to use “publishing” to attract clients into your Salon?

Or do you just “hope and pray” that your clients will telephone you today to book in for one of the services that you provide.

I see that everyday as well!

“Publishing” is a success strategy.

“Hoping and praying” is just plain dumb!

Now “publishing” is pretty easy. The most simple way to do that is to make a post on your Facebook page.

Not some mindless trash Facebook post that I see many Salons are now doing… like “enjoy the weekend! What are you going to be doing?”. If you just want to be boring hoping to get a little engagement with your Fans then go for it.

Try something a little more stimulating that positions you as the expert, like “want to look a little bit extra sexy this weekend”. And then you showcase a service/product you do such as hair styling, eyelash extensions, nail extensions, spray tanning and so on.

“Publishing” the right way attracts clients into your business. It’s not difficult to do. Doing it the wrong way just bores your audience and wastes your time!

You all have the publishing tools available to you. And many of them cost you nothing to make use of.

That’s why I love the internet. It’s a simple, very low cost (if any) to engage your clients thru “publishing”. And your audience is all over the internet, spending more and more time looking for the services you provide.

So go and give them what they want!

When you understand that you are really in the information business then you have the potential to considerably ramp-up your business.

Go start “publishing”!

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