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The Power Of Google Places For Salons

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I’ve just completed another Salon Success Website for one of my clients and I was just doing a regular review of the salon online system that has been setup.

I wanted to check where online visitors were coming from and what they were searching for to find her business.

So I went and checked the Google Places data for her business. It tells me the amount of times the business was “shown” in Google search results and the amount of times visitors clicked on their business listing.

Google Places is a fantastic tool for salons and when setup correctly it can be a very effective way to get NEW clients into your business.

Here’s what’s really cool with this tool. When combined with your salon website, you can quickly get listed BEFORE your direct competition (those in your LOCAL area) and ATTRACT MORE clients into your Salon.

PLUS, you can get some very valuable information on what prospective clients in your area are looking for!

Let me show you.

Below is a screenshot of the TRAFFIC data for my clients business.
Salon Google Places

The blue line is the amount of times her business was shown in search results that prospective clients searched in Google for.

The green line is the amount of times these prospective clients “clicked” on her business listing. That is, they actually wanted MORE information about her Salon.

That’s a genuine “LEAD” for her business. It’s a prospective NEW client wanting to know details of her Salon.

The data you see covers a period of 1 month up to today. If I just look at the week leading up to Christmas, I can see that 16 people clicked through for more details on her business.

That’s GOOD news. 16 prospective NEW clients!

Here’s what else I can see. From the 24th December up to today, there has been no traffic at all. Even allowing for some delay in updates of the data, you can see that traffic drops off considerably from Christmas to New Year. I’m expecting that people are on holidays and not doing much online searching for this type of business.

Now here’s another COOL feature of Google Places.

Down the bottom of the data is “Top Search Queries”. You can see that the number 1 query is the term “day spa”. Results 2 and 3 is the salon business name.

But look at #4. The term is “wedding makeup”.

People are searching for that SPECIFIC service and finding my clients business. I can now go and create, and optimize for search, a specific page for “wedding makeup” on her website. Plus I will ensure that the Google Places listing contains more information for that service to ATTRACT MORE clients.

Here’s a FACT, direct from Google;

97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

Are they finding YOU?

The Google Places tool takes away the “guesswork” and helps identify more OPPORTUNITIES to attract new clients.

I bet many of you provide the same service, or some other unique service… but is your online business information presenting your services so prospective clients can find you?

For many of YOU… the answer is NO!

Setting up Google Place correctly for your salon or spa business is a #1 priority for your online success.

What would happen if one of your direct competitors setup their Google Places listing before you and started attracting MORE clients to their business?

In fact, that’s what happens when a “savvy” salon business owner gets my assistance.

They get a huge “JUMP” over their competition by being FIRST!

They then discover what their prospective clients are searching for… and can make BETTER business decisions.

If you’d like to have me, help YOU, set up Google Places for your Salon, then just click on the following link.

Click Here For Google Places Help

And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below.

To your online success.

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