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Promoting Your Salon – This Beats The Yellow Pages Hands Down

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Have you any idea what the number 1 “offline” referrer of new clients to your Salon is?

Is it the regular newspaper ad you run, what about “word of mouth”, even walk in traffic from the shopping centre you are located in.

Maybe it’s the yellow pages! But if you ask me I’d be saying that the the Yellow Pages, as a source of hew business to your Salon…  is dead in the water!

And here’s why.

I’ve been a a business owner just like you. The amount of money I spent on Yellow Pages advertising would amount to over $250,000 over an 8 year period.

I hated spending it… and I hated the annual visit from the Yellow Pages rep who used to explain all the new features they had that year and that it was only going to cost 8% more than last year.

And then they’d go onto explain how bad business could become if I dared change the size of the ad, how I’d be re-positioned to the back of the section.

And a part of me did get frightened. I had some pretty big competition and the thought of letting them get one up on me was scary.

What if I lost customers… what if I’d be making a mistake.

The fact was… Yellow Pages was getting me business… and I was at the mercy of the big advertiser who had such a stranglehold on my client base.

That was back in 2003… fast forward to today… 2011.

In my opinion, the Yellow Pages is dead as a referrer of new business. Even if the opportunity existed to jump into the Yellow Pages, right up the front of the Salon section… I’d be saving my money and telling the Yellow Pages rep to take a jump!

The cost for a Yellow Pages ad is huge… and there’s no guarantee that it’s going to work for you. There’s too many unknowns beyond your control. Where is your ad going to appear,
right side, left side, top or bottom, are my competitors before me?

Here’s the biggest killer of the Yellow Pages… very few people now use it to find a Salon service. Is your ideal client aged below 55? The fact is… most people, especially your ideal client, now uses other means to find a service business such as yours.

They use the internet, they use their smartphone!

The last place they go to is the bulky Yellow Pages book.

3 months ago I got my new Yellow Pages delivered to my front door. It’s still in it’s plastic wrapper sitting in a corner of my office.

Note to self… get up and throw it in the bin!

Special note: when I refer to the Yellow Pages I’m talking about the bulky Yellow books PLUS Yellow Pages online. SAVE your money… look for cheaper more effective options and don’t believe one word from the Yellow Pages rep about volume statistics regarding searches in your particular Salon industry.

So, as a Salon owner what does this mean to you?

Understand what your clients are doing. Find out if they use the internet to find you.

And then make sure that your Salon is setup to take advantage of the internet based tools that accommodate what your clients are doing.

That’s Google Places for Salons and it’s optimizing or creating a Salon website that is a lead generation tool. That is, it clearly brings new clients into your Salon.

I spend a lot of time checking out what Salons are doing on the Internet. And 95% of them have no idea what to do.

You want your Salon to be dominant on the internet.

You want your Salon to be dominant in the smartphone marketplace.

It’s not diificult… and it cost a small fraction of what the Yellow Pages is going to cost you.

It’s far more effective… and it SAVES you money.

I wish they had this sort of technology back when I ran my business because I would have beaten the pants off my competition!

Is your Salon consistently getting NEW clients from your website and online tools like Google Places? If not…. then contact me by clicking on this link and we can discuss how the Salon Success Website System can get you MORE clients and make you MORE sales.

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