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Salon Email Marketing Success Story

by David Glendinning · 2 comments

How One Salon Owner Made Money On Her Day Off… This is a great story. Yvonne has a hair salon here in Perth. It’s a funky little salon that she operates herself.

She’s had staff before, but like most salon owners, has been finding business a little tough over the past year or so. Staff have come and go and she’s found on more than one occasion that staff aren’t that great at bringing in as many clients as the salon needs to keep everybody busy.

How many of you have that problem?

Your staff are content to just go with the flow, do what they have to, nothing more.

So Yvonne’s trying to run it by herself right now… and it doesn’t leave much time to do everything that’s needed.

Like putting together promotions!

Yvonne’s even tried the dreaded “coupon deals”. Now that nearly wiped her out. She listened to the coupon salesperson and promoted a “real cheap” offer that sold 100’s of coupons.

She won’t be doing that again in a real hurry!

Now, I was able to get 30 minutes of Yvonne’s time and I showed her how easy it could be to put together an offer and then send it out to her client list.

She explained how tough business was. To her, $500 in sales was a good day. A good week is one where she can pay her bills… and maybe have a little left over for herself.

Fortunately, despite how busy she is, she’s been able to keep her Salon Potential database up to date. And it had about 400 email addresses of her clients.

I caught up with Yvonne on a Friday. By the end of that day I was able to setup a promotion ready to be sent out.

We were going to be selling a package for $127.

We decided we’d send it out on Monday. That’s Yvonne’s day off. She could divert the phones and take any calls that came in.

I sent the email out about 8.00am. By the end of the day she had sold 5. That’s $635 in sales on her day off.

And we set it up that she takes payment at the time they make the booking. So that’s money in her bank account TODAY.

It’s been 2 days since the promotion went out. She’s now sold 7 packages totalling $889… and we just sent out another email.

That’s a big strategy right there! You don’t just send a 1 email promotion. Each promotion has a strategy in place to get maximum results.

Here’s what Yvonne has now discovered!

  1. You can create a promotion that MAKES money and you keep 100% of the sale (no more coupon deals)
  2. The importance of keeping her client database updated
  3. She can take ACTION to GET her telephone to ring. No longer does she have to HOPE for the telephone to ring for new business.
  4. A very LOW COST way to generate business.
  5. That you can do this strategy regularly. It’s not a once off thing.

You may think the amount Yvonne sold is small. Yes it is… but let’s keep it in perspective. She has now worked out that she can make 50% of her weekly turnover with a well planned promotion.

And this is in addition to how Yvonne usually gets all her business. Usually it’s re-bookings, clients telephoning to make an appointment, maybe even a referral from a satisfied client.

She’s now added a powerful tool to her business AND now understands how to increase sales and profits.

Yes it’s easy… but NOT really! It is if you know and understand the right strategy;

  • to create an offer that sells
  • how to “present” an offer in an email
  • what tools are needed to “send” the email to her database. This part can be difficult.

Can you do this? Yes you can! And if you want quick results for your salon or spa business then click on the following link.

Click Here To Register

This link will take you to my fast track form. Complete your details and then I’ll give you a telephone call.

I’ll show you how you can do what Yvonne has done.

Let’s talk soon

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David Glendinning February 16, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Update… Yvonne has now sold 10 packages in the past 4 days. That’s $1270 in extra sales that she has made this week.


Marc October 29, 2012 at 9:44 am

Wow! that’s impressive David, it just shows how doings things a little smarter in your business can really pay off, well done guys.


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