Salon Google Places and dealing with bad reviews

Salon Google Places and Bad Reviews

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If you downloaded my Salon Owners Guide To Google Places then you’ll understand that setting your Salon or Day Spa on Google Places is the fastest way to get to the TOP of the search engines for your local area.

There’s one other aspect of Google Places that you as a Salon or Day Spa owner needs to take charge of.

And that’s Bad Reviews!

You see, Google Places is not just a listing for your business. It “collects” reviews from many social network sites that have been written by clients about YOUR salon or day spa.

Some of these reviews are favourable… some are going to be BAD!

So what could your clients write? Well, here’s one that I found for a client of mine

Salon Google Places Bad ReviewOK, pretty serious… but here’s what’s worst!

My client, a hair salon owner… had no idea that this had been written about her business… and that it was 8 months old!

Yet, it was up for the world to see. And it had probably been seen by many potential clients. are looking at this information. It could easily be found by typing in the salon name into Google.

And that’s exactly what your prospective clients are doing right now! They’re typing your Salon or Day Spa name into Google to find out what sort of service you are offering and how good you really are.

It’s critical to YOUR business… you need to know what your clients are SAYING about YOU!

And THEN… you need to know what to do about it!

The ACTION you need to take is to take control of your Google Places listing. Then you need to identify the major social sites that your potential, existing and past clients are going to and take control of those listings as well.

And if you have some bad reviews, you need to address it!

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for a select few. You could be one of them. Just go to this link to take ACTION Now!

Click Here To Take Control Of Your Salon Google Places Listing.

So… how can you find out if any bad comments have been wrtitten about YOUR Salon or Day Spa business?

Go to Google and type in your Business Name, You Town or City and then your State. Here’s an example of what comes up.

I entered the business name then the town and state giving me “touch of eden geelong victoria”

Go and do that for your business.

Next… click on the “Place page” link just under the business name next to the map. Then on that page, scroll down towards the bottom and look for “Reviews by Google users”. You should then be able to see any reviews that have been written.

If you have none, then you need a strategy to get some. The more reviews, the more credible your business in the eyes of Google. The result will be a better listing ranking in the search engines for your business.

And that means MORE visitors to your listing and possibly MORE clients.

Click Here To Take Control Of Your Salon Google Places Listing.

This is how your prospective clients are looking for your services. Google Places is the new Yellow Pages… and it’s significantly cheaper!

To your Salon Success

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