Salon success or failure

Salon Success Or Failure

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Over the past few weeks it’s becoming increasingly evident to me that this mistake Salon & Spa owners make is the number 1 reason that their business may be struggling… maybe even going broke.

Many tell me that business is hard at the moment. Yes it can be! It requires you to get off your butt, take action, with strategies that adapt to the current economic client and the changing marketplace.

But still many are giving all sorts of reasons related to “outside” factors such as government policy, people not spending… all sorts of reasons outside the control of the Salon or Spa owner.

And it gives them some sort of justification to accept that business right now is just lousy… if everyone they listen to is saying it, then it must be true and it’s not their fault, so it’s OK to do nothing.

And to further prove my point… rumours abound that a popular salon/spa here in Perth is going broke fast and just about ready to close it’s doors… and this is after years of massive growth and 7 figures annual turnover.

God knows what their reasons are… but you could just about guarantee that they’re blaming something else out of their control rather than their own mis-management. What worked for them in the past is likely to still work now and in the future, but for some reason they no longer think it’s worthwhile or won’t work anymore.

Heaven forbid!

Anyway… what’s this big mistake salon/spa owners are making… what I referred to as the number 1 reason behind a struggling business?

OK… listen close. It’s not making effective use of your greatest asset you could ever have!

And that is… your client list!

It’s hard to think of any other business or industry out there that could benefit as much from an existing client list than the salon & spa industry

Why? Because your clients keep WANTING your service every few weeks or so. I have never seen an industry such as yours… where the clients WANT to keep coming back as often.

It could be for hair styling, waxing, manicure, pedicure… whatever.

Your clients LOVE what you do for them… they love the pampering, they love the feeling they have when they leave. And the can’t wait to come back! Your industry will thrive regardless of the economic climate.

So why is it that businesses like yours struggle, some even go broke?

Yes, it could be because your service is terrible… it could even be that you’re just a lousy business owner.

Fact is, if you’re starting to struggle after years of business being good then your clients are very likely going somewhere else!

Here’s what you should be doing with your client list;

  1. You should be contacting them regularly, at least monthly, better yet, every week
  2. You should be providing them with offers for your services and this offer should be irresistable.

It’s simple, it’s worked in the past and will continue to work in the future.

Ignore this at your peril! It continues to amaze me how many Salon/Spa businesses do not contact their client list.

If for some reason Salon/Spa owners have a problem with this, then I draw your attention to the numerous Coupon deals that are being delivered to your clients email inbox on a daily basis.

And don’t ever think that they’ll ignore them because they are your valued loyal client. Eventually they’ll make use of one and likely that’s the last you’ll ever see of them.

Don’t misunderstand me here… I’m not saying to start doing coupon deals. That is a strategy but it must be used effectively. Most who do it, do it completely wrong and lose money and clients.

What I’m saying is that in the current marketplace you MUST adapt. And the #1 thing you should be doing is contacting your client list on a regular basis.

You adapt… or you go broke!

You should be using newsletters, emails, SMS, Facebook, your website and even direct mail.

I’m a fan of email, facebook and websites. It’s FREE to contact your client list, it’s instant and it works. My clients are now saying “I send an email and I make money”.

So what’s stopping you from doing this?

How many Salon/Spa businesses don’t collect important client details? It astounds me how many there are. For some reason these business owners have a problem with collecting this information. They think it’s intruding on their clients privacy.

And they have a problem contacting their client list regularly. They think their clients get annoyed with it.

You need to get over it… and you need to do it quickly. Stop making excuses!

Because many of these clients who you think are being annoyed are receiving 3 or 4 offers per day from the coupon sites… because they ASKED for it!

They LOVE it. And they are the first to tell their friends of the great deal they got today.

So you need to adapt… or you’ll go broke!

Start making effective use of your client list. Get it right and your Salon/Spa business will thrive.

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