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Salon Website Makeover – Amazing Results…

by David Glendinning · 1 comment

I’ve said it before and will continue to do so. If you’re in business, any kind of business, particularly in the salon and spa business, you simply cannot compete these days without a website.

I’m not going to lay out the reasons why except to say that if you haven’t yet realized that your clients, and those NEW clients you want to get, SPEND a lot of time ONLINE, have discovered that all types of products and services are at their fingertips.

So if you’ve NOT got a website then you’d WANT to sort that out real quick.

BUT… will any old website DO! And is it going to cost you a fortune to create and maintain?

Well… the answer to both questions is NO! And in this article I’m going to prove it to you!

I’ve seen plenty of salon and spa websites… more than I’d want to think about. I’ve seen the “expensive” glossy looking websites and I’ve seen many that are just a complete waste of time.

So… just any old website WON’T do!

Your salon or spa website doesn’t have to be a work of creative genius, costing “tens of thousands” of dollars but it does have to WORK.

And by that I mean… it has to ATTRACT the visitor to TAKE ACTION! That could be filling out a form with their details or by telephoning your business.

And that means money in your bank account.

So let’s get on with the proof…

Kelly has a hairdressing salon. She’s spent a lot of time creating her website using a “template” web-builder system that costs a few dollars a month to subscribe to.

Here’s a small illustration of what it looked like before. It looked OK and it fulfilled the need to have a website for her business.

She’s been reading my information on this blog for some time. And she started to understand that any old website WON’T do. She came to me, as many do, with the comment;

“it’s not working how it’s supposed to be”.

Now this is a big moment for a business owner. When you actually come to realize that part of your business is NOT working as it should (her website) that you actually take ACTION to sort it out.

Lucky she came to the right place.

She signed up for my Salon Success Website Lean System. For $770 she got me to re-build her website… the RIGHT way!

Here’s another image of what her website looks like now.

It’s not a “glossy, pretty, all bells and whistles” website. It’s been created on a budget.

But it has been built the right way. It’s clean looking, easy to navigate and it does contain some “clever, creative, money making” website strategies that I setup for those clients who work with me.

In fact… I could just about guarantee it out-performs websites that have cost 10 times this amount.

Because it’s a website that works. It’s getting MORE website visitors and they’re doing what was planned… taking ACTION to contact Kelly in her salon.

And that’s not all! Kelly was running a Google Adwords campaign. She’s paying a few dollars per day to run a few Ads on Google to get MORE visitors to her website.

As part of my ongoing service for Kelly, I went a did a few tweaks of this campaign to improve her results.

Here’s what Kelly said of the campaign and website performance;

“We have had 11 new colour clients since thurs last week book for appts an all say the found us on Google! And 2 enquiries for straightening. I think the response so far is great!”

Her website created over $1400 worth of NEW business this past week. And these clients are likely to return every few weeks!

Does YOUR salon or spa website do that for YOU?

So there’s your proof.

NOT just ANY website will do and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

So if your website is one of those like Kelly used to have and you’re sick and tired of lousy results then YOU can do something about it

Click Here For A Website That Works

Click on the link above, complete the response form and then I’ll get in contact with you. You could be achieving results just like Kelly within a few short weeks!

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune BUT it does have to be done RIGHT!

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Abbey Strine January 19, 2012 at 2:37 am

Great ideas and Kelly,s new website looks fantastic! I will telling any Salon owners i know about this article.


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