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Salon Websites – What Happens When A Salon Owner “Gets It”

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For a few years now I’ve been nagging salon owners on the benefits that a website designed to make you money can have on your salon business. Your salon website should be near the top of the search engines so your prospects can find you and it should be regularly getting you new clients in the door.

But it’s a depressingly common problem that 99% of salon websites out there are just a waste of internet space. They’re old, never updated and have never made a cent for the salon owner. And this is after probably costing a few thousand dollars to create.

The answer is simple… as Robyn Curnow of Beauty on Ryrie has discovered. Her beauty salon day spa in Ringwood Victoria recently had one of my salon website makeovers. Just today, she sent me this email…

Hi David… Just letting you know that the phone is so busy with new customers since you did the website that I can’t fit them in. I need more staff! – Robyn

Here’s what she sent me 3 weeks ago

“Thanks so much David, you have made this long stressful saga of updating a website seem so easy. You cannot believe the stress I experienced with other so called web designers, and it has been over 15 months since I started.

You only took a little over 3 weeks, and how easy it was. I cant wait to learn how to add more info to my website and looking forward to the extra revenue it will be generating for me.

I am no longer embarrassed by my web page nor do I cringe when a customer says I looked on your website today.

I have a good feeling that 2011 will be an amazing year and I now know all my other projects will be conquered just as successfully, now that I have David from Salon Success on my side. Thanks David” – – Robyn Curnow, Beauty On Ryrie, Ringwood Victoria

As you can see… a very happy salon owner, excited that she’s making money from her salon website.

Here’s the big difference in her new website. It’s now a complete “lead generation system” working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day… that attracts prospects, automatically follows up with them (without any input from her) and results in them telephoning the salon wanting to make a booking for a package service.

Her previous website was dead in the water… a waste of internet space and causing Robyn no end of stress and frustration.

Here’s the actual results… within the last month she has attracted 39 prospects into her lead generation system… and around 75% of them have already contacted the Salon to make a booking.

So what would an additional 20 to 30 new clients each and every month mean to your salon business?

And each one of them is spending $75 or more on their first visit.

It’s a lead generation system that has been setup that will continue to attract clients month after month… without ANY effort by Robyn and her staff other than answering the telephone to take a booking.

In a competitive salon business environment, this is the sort of “edge” you want over your competition.

I call it the Salon Success Website system. And it gets real results that for Robyn, started from the day the website went live.

If you want to get similar results to Robyn then go and check out the Salon Success Website System and contact me if you want to take ACTION!

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