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What’s a Weber BBQ got to do with your Salon?

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Yesterday my girlfriend wanted to buy a Weber BBQ. These things are amazing. They’re a small, very efficient BBQ that cooks your meat, fish, whatever… to perfection.

Anyway, it was Sunday afternoon, off we went to the BBQ shop. The shop owner started to tell us about each of the different models but my girlfriend… her name is Gerri… had already done all the research using her Ipad on the internet and knew exactly what she wanted.

“I’ll have that one”, she said. “Great choice” said the shop owner… “unfortunately the last one was sold just 10 minutes ago. We’ll have more stock during the week.”

This wasn’t going as expected. When Gerri gets it in her mind to buy something she fully intends to walk out with it under her arm. Tonights BBQ was already defrosting on the sink back home. Our thoughts of enjoying a pleasant evening with great food cooked on the BBQ was fast disappearing.

Not to worry I thought. Let’s go to another shop. We jumped back into the car, Gerri turned on her Ipad ready to check out the internet for other shops in the area.

Easily found… a quick telephone call to check if the model she wanted was in stock… Yes, it was.

A few hours later we’re enjoying the BBQ dinner.

So what’s this got to do with you?

It’s a great example of how people are using the internet. People use the internet to research products and services, to FIND relevant information.

They expect your business to be online.

Some time ago I told you about Deanne, a Salon Owner who wanted to get her salon business online.

In my Blog Post “One Salon Owners Website Journey” I explained that her business couldn’t be found on the internet. If you searched for her service you wouldn’t have found her anywhere.

Today it’s different!

She now ranks #1 amongst all her competition.

When you search for “beauty salon” in her area, this is what you get

She’s doing EXACTLY what is expected by internet users. Making her business VISIBLE for anyone to find quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, not every Salon owner can say the same thing!

When you get it right, your salon business can appear on the Internet as the BIGGEST, BEST salon in town.

Imagine you’re walking down the main street of your city or town looking for a place to eat.

You’d probably walk into the nicest place… probably where most people are already eating. You’d never walk into an eating house that is empty, or hidden away in a back street.

You’re most likely to walk into the most VISIBLE place that attracts your attention FIRST.

That’s exactly what you can achieve on the internet.

That’s exactly what Deanne has now done with her business.

It’s exactly what my girlfriend Gerri did to buy her Weber BBQ.

Right now, I’ve got 3 spots available for savvy salon owners that want to achieve the same thing.

What would it mean to your business, to be the #1 choice in your area. For Deanne, right now, she’s attracting new clients into her Salon.

Click Here To Take Action Now

It’s a short form for you to complete. Fill it out then I’ll give you a call to discuss what your Salon could achieve. Then you can decide what you want to do about it.

Have a great week.

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