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When A Website Just Isn’t Enough

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You go and invest a lot in a salon or spa website.. what’s next? Do you just sit back and hope (maybe pray) that it brings a horde of well-paying clients into your business?

Or do you give some thought on how best to actually make it work for you – how you can profit from the money you spent, just like you would with any other type of advertising media you may choose to invest in.

Your website can be a great marketing tool. But it’s only the beginning part of a complete online marketing system.

There are many parts to it. And if you DON’T take control of each part you may end up with just an expensive piece of internet real estate that no one can ever find!

Let me explain. And to help me do that you first need to understand what consumers are now doing.

More and more consumers are going online to gain an opinion on a particular product, company or service.

The internet has become very “social”. Imagine it to be like a giant coffee shop full of people who meet up and have something to say, maybe even gossip about.

And they “publish” this gossip all over the place. Take, for example, people complaining about a product or a service they have recently experienced – referred to as “negative opinions”.

These negative opinions are broadcast all over the internet. I’ve seen many salon and spa reviews that have been published on the internet that the business owner possibly has no idea about.

Check the Google Review below, written about a particular day spa… (note: this took me about 10 seconds to find when I searched for a day spa in a particular area)
See their recommendation – “Avoid This Place”.

And this comment has been published on the particular business’s Google directory listing… right under their business name… available for all to read.

You’ll like this:  I rang this day spa and told them they had this negative review. Guess what… they didn’t know about it… and they didn’t really care.

The owner told me that they have many other clients really happy with their service. That’s great… unfortunately those clients don’t go and publish their opinions for all to see, unlike the negative ones.

Now, I agree with the owner… they shouldn’t be concerned about it as a reflection of their usual level of service.

BUT… they are NOT their potential NEW clients!

How much new business will they miss out on from people who are searching on the internet for their particular service.

I think they’ll be losing a GREAT deal of new business! And that’s just from 1 negative review… what if there were many!

There is a way to fix this… but as the owner was not too concerned about it, nor about my “good samaritan” effort in telling them… I just told him to have a great day and hung up.

But back to my point: having a website is just one tiny piece of the internet puzzle. There are many more parts.

But there’s good news… all of the “internet parts” don’t have to be in perfect synch for YOUR business to prosper on the internet.

You just have to get a few parts working right.

Here’s what I mean.

When I talk to many salon and spa owners about their “internet presence” they tell me they want to showcase all their services, show how great they provide these services, and then create something that reflects the fantastic ambiance of their business.

They want something all “touchy and feely, warm and cuddly”! Something they can impress their family and friends with and say “look how pretty my business is”.

And many of them want to be able to SELL everything on their website. From their services through to all their products.

That’s all great… and then I ask if they’ve got a budget of 20 thousand dollars plus to invest in their idea of their dream website, so that they can impress their family and friends.

Most salon and spa owners then start to get a little twitchy when I mention that figure! Because that’s what you could be spending if you go down the “touch, feely, warm and cuddly” path.

Small business can’t afford that… it’s too risky on low margin services!

It’s right then that I start to educate them in the fine arts of the internet world for small business. And I say to them;

“what would you think of a website that could bring in 10 to 20 NEW clients per month, at a fraction of the cost I mentioned earlier. And this website did this month after month… without ever taking a day off!”

It’s about creating a “low-cost” marketing tool that ATTRACTS new clients and has potentially very high returns that are easily measurable. This is far more efficient for small business than spending $20,000 plus to impress your family and friends.

It’s about now they start to get a little interested… Remember when I said that you only have to get a few parts working right for your business to prosper.

All you have to do is create “a website lead generation system”. And to put it simply, that’s ALL your website needs to do.

Consistently generate NEW leads that become NEW clients! I call it “Function over Form”!

That’s where the MONEY is! And as a small business owner, that’s what you should be focused on.

Yes, your website should look good… but the critical element is that it “functions” right.

But again, there are many parts to this internet jungle and over time you can work on that.

Sometimes, having JUST a website is NOT enough!

Many of my clients will testify to that. Most recoup their investment within 6 to 8 weeks when they combine their website with other internet marketing strategies.

Getting a few things right with this internet media will allow YOU to PROSPER.

Getting them wrong is like throwing your money down the drain. And it can be very expensive!

So where are you at right now with your internet efforts? Is your internet presence clearly and measurably prosperous for you right now?

Can you easily identify the EXTRA business your online presence provides?

Or is it just an expensive piece of junk, just sitting there taking up a valuable piece of internet real estate?

If you want to start getting it right, then click on the following link;

Click Here If You Want More Than Just A Website

Click on the link above, complete the response form and then I’ll get in contact with you. Start piecing together all YOUR internet parts NOW.

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