Salon and Spa Internet Success Model

Your Salon Success Internet Model

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Are you confused with what the internet can do for your Salon or Spa business.

Well, be confused no longer. Here is the model that successful salon or spa owners implement into their businesses.

So, if your business is not quite getting this right, then this is the model you want to follow.

Here it is:

1. Your business must have a website, Increasing numbers of people are searching for your services using the internet. You need to put your salon or spa in front of them.

However, your website must be different to the majority of other salon or spa websites in one unique way.

Here’s why; Your website may start to get a lot of traffic (visitors). You have a very short time to capture their attention before they leave your website… never to return.

The ultimate prize is to “capture” their name, email and contact details including their telephone number.

That is, your website must be lead generating for your business.

Here’s an important point you need to understand. A “lead” is not a person who visits your website. A “lead” is someone who provides their information through your website.

99% of salon and spa websites miss this point big time. By using your website to generate real “leads” for your business, you will be creating a 24 hour/7 days a week “money-making” marketing system.

2. Your website must be prominent in the search engines for your specific geographic location.

That is, your website must be able to be found!

Too many salon and spa websites miss this point big-time! The biggest search engine – Google, is constantly changing how it ranks and lists websites.

Most businesses rank well in Google by pure chance. Many salon and spa businesses may have a website but struggle to be found in a search engine.

It’s like having a big expensive billboard… in the desert! No one can see it.

You CAN improve your search engine rankings when you understand how to set things up right.

When you out-rank your competition, you will get more visitors to your website.

3. You must be updating and increasing the size of your client database and it must include email address and mobile telephone number.

This is not a website “thing” but it does contribute to your online success,

The ability to email your client list is an essential tool for pro-active marketing.

You can have your telephone ringing with clients who want to buy within a few minutes of sending an email.

And you must be doing it consistently, not just every few months or so.

4. You should have a Facebook page and you should be promoting the page to your client list.

Many salon and spa owners do have a Facebook page… but do nothing with it! They haven’t made a post in 6 months, nor do they tell their clients that it exists.

Facebook has the power to instantly notify your clients of events, special offers and news.

It’s a great way to stay in touch with your clients… and it’s FREE!

5. You should be making offers to your client list on a regular basis and communicating this through all the media you have available;

– newsletters
– email
– Facebook
– inside your salon or spa

I’ve mentioned this strategy before and it’s worth mentioning again. You will get the greatest rewards when you do this consistently.

It’s pro-active… instead of waiting for clients to call you, you are making them call you!

This is possibly the most overlooked opportunity YOU have to massively increase your sales!

6. You should be consistently adding content to your website. And you should have the ability to do this yourself, without the need for a website designer to do it for you.

The latest website building software allows you to be in control. No more website designers needed for you to add or change the content of your website.

7. You should be consistently improving your presence and rankings in search engines.

There are things you can be doing each month to achieve this. The better your ranking, the more visible your business becomes.

How would you like to open your business on the busiest street in your city or town? Just imagine how many more clients you would get.

That’s what it’s like to have the top ranking in a search engine, in your city or town… without the high rent cost!

That’s about it… my salon success internet model that could have a massive impact on the success of your business.

And all of the above is what I can achieve for your business. I’ve done it for many others and I can do it for you.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m accepting applications for 3 salon or spa businesses to implement my salon success strategy for them.

Don’t be concerned about the cost… it’s not expensive. Each one of you has different requirements and I can tailor a solution particular to you.

Click Here To Apply Now

In fact, I’ll show you how to get your investment back in a very short space of time!

You just need to fill out a quick form with your contact details. I’ll then get on the telephone with you and discuss what can be done for you.

You can then decide whether you wish to proceed or not.

You’ve nothing to lose but plenty to gain. You could be the #1 choice in your city or town for your services.

What would that mean to YOUR business?

Click Here To Apply Now

Let’s talk soon

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