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Your Salon Website Is Lazy – Here’s How To Fix It

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Just the other day I was talking to a salon owner who was complaining about her staff being “idle”.

In this particular case, it was due to the salon not being busy. There’s only so much staff can do when there is no clients.

It’s cleaning, organizing, re-stocking… all the stuff you probably need to do BUT doesn’t help the owner make any money.

I asked her what she’s doing to get more clients. She explained that at this time of the year it was quite common… kids going back to school, bills to pay…

And because of all these reasons, business was pretty slow.

I was thinking… fair enough, maybe she’s right.

Then I spoke to another salon owner who I had recently done some marketing for. We’d prepared a few things, made a few tweaks… all with the purpose of attracting clients to come into the Salon.

She was busy… as were her staff! Made the comment that business was up from same time last year. She couldn’t be happier.

2 different salon owners, 2 different results.

I’ve got a theory about this.

And in all the different categories of businesses that I’ve worked for clients, I find it’s more relevant in the salon industry.

Why is it more relevant to the salon industry?

It’s because the majority of salon owners are more “process and task” focused as opposed to being RESULTS focused.

For example… many salon owners only get their clients in 2 ways

  1. they re-book existing clients
  2. new clients walk in the door

That’s it! They continually just “process” the same old/same old ways of doing business. That’s how they’ve always done their business, no need to change.

That’s LAZY thinking, it’s a LAZY practice.. .and it’s losing you money!

And many of these salon owners spend all their time doing the work on clients themselves. They never spend any time on working out how to do business better!

And these salon owners are now finding that their staff are becoming idle… with very little to do… a lot more often.

Exceptional results for your business come from being RESULTS focused.

Let me explain how.

You’re doing business one way… just like the example above. But you start to think about how to get a BETTER result!

If your business is generating this much revenue, how can I get it generate MORE?

You don’t need a new way of doing business. You may just have to tweak a few things.

To me, the best “bang for your buck” (low cost / high probability of success) is going to come from  the internet or online media.

And I’m seeing some very LAZY salon websites.

They’re old, tired, many are dusty! Created ages ago and never been changed, never tested to get a better result.

Lazy websites are costing you money… in lost business, most likely going to your competitor!

With salon owner #2 above, the one who’s busy and getting BETTER results… we made a few tweaks to her website and the new-client leads are pouring in.

We also sent out a few email promotions… phone sales started to happen.

And these phone sales were instant cash! Clients paid over the phone to BUY the promotion.That’s not normally how salon owners “DO” their business!

It’s getting BETTER results brought about by implementing modern-day online strategies.

She’s making more money and she’s busier than ever.

It’s being RESULTS driven… not doing stuff same old – same old and hoping that business will get better.

It’s taking ACTION and moving on from being “process and task” focused!

If this resonates with you, if you’re the one with idle staff, if you’re the one whose worried that business is not going so well, then you definitely need to do something about it.

Click here for a better result

Click on the link above, enter your contact details, and then I’ll get on the phone and discuss how you can get better results.

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