Salon Discount Coupon Craze

Is The Salon Discount Coupon Craze Killing Your Business?

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You’ve all seen it… maybe even tried it.

It’s the crazy Scoopon, Cudos, Stardeals or whatever deal of the day that pops up in your emails, on Facebook… now even on television.

And people are flocking to them!

And WHY NOT! It’s a super cheap deal… these people are grabbing themselves a bargain.  And I have to admit, I’ve been known to pick up a deal or two.

But here’s the reality… as a Salon & Spa owner… it’s likely to be KILLING your business!

It’s probably killing you if you’re crazy enough to provide one of these deals.

It’s way too cheap, you pay a hefty commission and you get flooded with the type of clients who NEVER, EVER come back… they are the cheap deals chasers… no loyalty, don’t value good service, whinge and complain, and probably couldn’t afford to spend in your business anyway.

And it’s also likely killing you because your clients are buying them up from your competition and leaving you in droves.

No longer are they your loyal client… they now chase the cheap, no frills, lousy service coupon deals.

OK… here’s some more REALITY!

You’re likely getting flooded with the crazy coupon deal salespeople wanting you to sign up to promote your Salon or Spa.

And they’re probably pretty good at convincing you of the BENEFITS of these deals and the chance you have to get a new client, upsell them and get them coming back to your business to pay your normal price.

Let me tell you… these benefits have a very good chance of NOT HAPPENING!

You get a lousy client who chases cheap deals… they will never pay your normal prices… and they won’t ever come back!

And in my opinion, those business owners who continue promoting their business using coupon de als… stand an excellent chance of GOING BROKE!

Seriously… how can you provide a service you usually charge $70 for, for just $29 and then give half that away in commission.

You’ll go broke!

So what do you do about it?

There is a SOLUTION!

Put simply… you’re going to have to change the way you do things. Because whether you like it or not… your marketplace is being conditioned to cheap deals!

You’re going to have to take ACTION to “build a fence around your herd”. You’re going to have to make sure your existing clients STAY with you… and have absolutely NO DESIRE to go anywhere else.

How do you do that?

I can reveal it to those who go to the following link…

Click Here To Beat The Salon Discount Coupon Blues

I have a SYSTEM that will rid you of the Discount Coupon BLUES! In fact, if you see your competition promoting through the discount coupon craze, you’ll simply laugh and wish them well as they reluctantly service 150 or upwards “low grade” clients and make NO money!

One Salon Owner I implemented this system for made over $4,000 in sales the first time she tried it and over $7,000 the second time… and she gets to keep 100% of the sales.

You’ll have the opportunity to make MORE sales at a price you want your clients to pay.

And you’ll be building a strong fence around your existing clients (your “herd”) that will remove any desire they have to go looking anywhere else compared to the value and level of service they receive from YOU.

Now is that something you WANT!

If it is, go to this link now and complete your details.

Click Here To Beat The Salon Discount Coupon Blues

And then we’ll get on the phone and I’ll explain the “Rid Yourself Of The Coupon Blues” SYSTEM to you.

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