How to measure your Salon or Day Spa business performance

Is Your Salon or Day Spa Business Growing?

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Jumped onto Facebook recently to check out what’s happening and I saw this post that made me think a little…

“10% of the year is over, what have you accomplished”

Did you start 2011 with the goal of improving your business? And if you did, how’s that going?

Now we should all be measuring the performance of our business, maybe even checking our own personal performance. And as a Salon or Day Spa Owner, you should be taking some time checking if you’re improving your business or going backwards.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t measure my performance enough. Sure, I might pay it attention every now and then but the fact is the year goes so fast it’s sometimes a bit of a blur.

You work hard, every day seems the same, there is bound to be daily challenges that you have to handle… when do you get the time to actually measure your business performance.

So to help you out, I’d thought I’d give you my quick tips for a Salon or Day Spa business check up.

  1. Are my sales up this month compared to same time last year
  2. Did the number of new clients increase from the previous month
  3. Is my average dollar sale amount increasing compared to the previous month
  4. Is any marketing I’m doing proving profitable

That’s it… there’s quite a few others you could check, but to me those 4 give you a quick snapshot for time starved salon or day spa owners.

Now… if you answered YES to all 4, then congratulations. Whatever you’re doing is working and your salon or day spa business is growing.

If you answered NO to any of them (let’s hope it’s not all 4) then you have an emergency to deal with and the time for ACTION is now.

Now 1, 2 and 3 are pretty easy to determine. And if you are using a computer based system for your Salon or Day Spa then it should be easy to get the results.

But it’s number 4 that a lot of businesses get wrong.

What usually happens is you use an ad like this one (I’ve removed the Salon name so to avoid any problems ) and you spend a fortune on putting it in a newspaper or plastering it on your window, maybe even creating a flyer to distribute around the neighbourhood.

Worst yet, you use it for a yellow pages ad!

And the results are going to be pretty c**p.

But hang on, isn’t that the type of Ad that all Salons might use. It must work because everyone is using it?

Let me SAVE you some time… that Ad is not going to work for you, and it will not make you any money!

Here’s why… if you use an ad like that the only way you know it’s going to work is if you ask the client how they found you. That relies on you or your staff asking the question. And if you’re busy, chances are that you may not even ask the question.

So there’s no way to actually measure if the ad worked or not.

My advice… if you can’t accurately measure the performance of any Ad or promotion – instantly – then STOP spending anymore money using that particular Ad!

So what’s the SOLUTION.

As you know I focus on promoting your Salon or Day Spa using the Internet.

And it’s no different to what I refer to as the OFFLINE media eg. newspaper ads, yellow pages, flyers etc.

That is… you must accurately be able to measure the performance of your ONLINE media instantly. And that includes your website, online ads etc.

Many Salon and Day Spa owners use these media to promote their businesses.

And MOST get it wrong online as they do offline.

Here’s what two of my recent clients have achieved after I SAVED their poor performing websites with my Salon Success Website makeover.

Client #1: 14 new prospects this past week

Client #2: 7 new prospects this past week

Now these prospects have gone to their website and provided their name, address and email details and are now receiving the automated follow up system that has been created to “convince” these prospects to come into the Salon and take advantage of their FREE gift.

It’s SET and FORGET follow up PLUS it continues to attract new business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

And it requires no effort from anybody to follow up with the prospective client… it’s on auto-pilot.!

The SUCCESS rate… anywhere from 60 to 80% of these prospects make a booking for a service within the vicinity of $79 to $127.

How’s your website going? Is it creating new business for you? Are you taking advantage of everything the “online” world has to offer your Salon or Day Spa business?

Yes it can be overwhelming!

But ignoring it can be disastrous to your business.

If you’re a Salon or Day Spa who wants to TAKE ACTION, just click here.

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