Salon Marketing - There's Always A Better Way

Salon Marketing – There’s Always A Better Way

by David Glendinning · 1 comment

When thinking about your business, how often do you look out for newer and better ways to do things.

I’m hoping you respond that you do it often!

Because the alternative can send you BROKE… real quick.

When it comes to results… and I’m talking results that make your business grow and you wealthier… I always consider what the successful people are doing.

Because if anything, I’d rather follow what the successful people are doing rather than those that are full of advice but actually have had none or very limited success.

I’ve come to the conclusion, and it’s taken quite a few years to do that, that I’d rather “copy” great results than have to try and “think up” something new that may or may not, be successful.

For quite a large part of my business life, I thought I could have great success thinking up new and fresh ideas… and do it all myself.

Thankfully I’ve woken up to the fact that, that sort of idea is just STUPID, usually ending up with lousy results, heaps of worry and many bouts of prolonged procrastination.

So right now I’m focusing on the FAST way to success. I’ve worked out it’s easier and great results are just about guaranteed! Slow hasn’t worked out that well for me.

Here’s what I’ve learnt… the secret to my tiny piece of success!

Work out what others do successfully… then COPY it!

It’s pretty simple… I wish I had of worked it out years ago. Sometimes you can copy exactly… other times you have to think a little and adapt it to your desired outcome.

But mostly you just COPY!

Here’s what I’ve discovered;

When I FOCUS on copying successful strategies, ideas, processes… I get results FAST… with very little worry and heaps less PROCRASTINATION!

Beats the life out of carrying out my business as a deep, orginal thinker!

Anyway… you might be wondering what my point is.

But before I get to that I just wanted to share a little about what’s been happening in my business life.

I’m busy copying successful people. I’m asking what they do and then applying it to me.

Like this;

  • There are certain things you are very good at… FOCUS on that!
  • You cannot do everything yourself… DELEGATE someone else to do it
  • If you’re going to listen to anybody make sure they’ve had success doing it or they have PROOF that it works… TESTIMONIALS
  • If paying money FAST TRACKS results, then PAY it

One of my most LIMITING beliefs relevant to my business success was thinking too much. It resulted in procrastination and LOST opportunities.

I thought I could learn how to do it myself. Fact was, I was too busy to learn how to do it and more often than not, I never did.

Now I follow the Nike mantra – “Just Do It”.

Now… to my point!

You as a Salon or Day Spa owner could continue to think about how the internet will help your business. You could continue to think that, one day, you will spend time trying to work it all out.

Fact is, the internet can help your business… and YOU will NEVER find the time to work it out.

And in 1 to 3 years time, you could be exactly where you are now… confused, frustrated, still thinking that just one day it might all become clear enough for you to take advantage of it.

I do know how to get your business using the internet effectively… and I can do it for YOU!

I’ve done it for many clients… and I stay up to date with what works and what changes can benefit YOU!

If you want to FAST TRACK your results, then follow the link below; you’ll see some of the business owners who have stopped the procrastination… and if like them you desire success and are prepared to ACT, then there’s a FAST TRACK Action form you can complete if you want to COPY what these and other successful Salons and Day Spas are doing.

Click Here To Take Action Today…

If you’ve got visions of success in your business, then I’ll be talking to you soon.

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