WARNING: If you operate a Salon or Spa for a living, reading this special report may be the most profitable thing you’ll EVER do!

How to Become the Dominant Salon
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If you’ve got even a drop of moneymaking blood
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Before you read this report, I am absolutely convinced that if you don't have a well-built website driving customers to your salon or spa, you are literally missing out on the single biggest source of new clients in the world today. In fact I'd go so far as to say that the web is now more important than all other forms of media put together as a means of finding clients.

But a word of caution: most web designers know nothing about building a website that actually gets customers. So with that in mind, you owe it to yourself to read this report carefully before you pay a web designer a single dollar."

David Glendinning, Founder, SalonSuccessWebsite.com.

In this special report you'll learn:

  • The 7 most common and COSTLY MISTAKES that the vast majority of salon owners make with their website. Any one of these seven deadly sins could be costing you tens of thousands of dollars every year and you probably don’t even know it.
  • How to GUARANTEE that you'll make at least an extra $20,000 (and in most cases many times this) in sales through your website within the next 12 months.
  • The SINGLE most important feature you NEED to have on your website. This one feature alone, can prevent you from ever needlessly wasting another penny on advertising.
  • Why over 98% of Salon websites are a complete waste of time and money. You’ll learn how to use this fact to become the dominant Internet player in your marketplace.
  • How to use the Internet to to grow your Salon business with a predictable and dependable income FAST.
  • How to select a website designer and host and protect yourself from an industry rife with scam artists and Internet scammers.
  • EVERYTHING you need to know to explode your sales on the Internet without spending a fortune, wasting your time or even caring how it works.

David Glendinning Direct Response Website DesignerSeptember 27, 2011
From: David Glendinning

Dear Salon or Spa Owner,

Now this may surprise you, but I am going to reveal all of this closely-guarded information to you right here in this letter. No charge. No gimmicks. Just a few minutes of your time.

The shocking truth...

My research has consistently shown that 98% of Salon owners are essentially throwing their money away on poorly designed, ineffective websites. READ THIS CAREFULLY - only 2% of the sites studied were likely to be effective in generating any new business.

What are the 2% doing? Well, for one, they are making a lot of money, each and every month by making the Internet an integral part of their business. What would it be worth to you to gain an extra 10 to 20 sales each and every month, with little extra effort? It won't be long before some salons, in your market, are making over $100,000 per year from their websites alone.

Now, imagine what could happen if your competitors are in the 2%? What would your cash flow look like if you suddenly started losing three or four clients each week? Can you really afford NOT to be doing this stuff right?

My name is David Glendinning, and I design Direct Response Marketing websites for a living. I continually work with my clients to improve how they use the Internet in order to give them a very real and sustainable edge over their competition.

What I've discovered, is that many Salon owners have been making the same mistakes... many of them costly... when they have tried to put their business onto the Internet.

The 7 Most Common and Costly Mistakes that 98% of Salon Owners Make with their Websites...

Costly Mistake #1: Not having a website

"Research commissioned by 1&1 found that 85% of 1,848 people
polled would have doubts about buying from a company that didn’t
have a web site. (.Net magazine July 2006)"

Effective Salon WebsitesBefore going any further, you NEED to understand two things:

  1. A website can be an incredibly profitable tool in your Salon business! You ABSOLUTELY NEED to have one.

  2. The vast majority of Salon websites are a huge waste of time and money.

Your website should be extremely profitable. However, if it isn't developed, maintained and promoted correctly it can be a frustrating and costly venture.

Technology is already revolutionizing the Salon industry. It won't be long until the top 5% of all Salons will capture 95% of the Salon business. You may become the proverbial "deer in the headlights" of your competitors, if you are not effectively leveraging yourself with technology.

Do you remember, years ago, when you first heard about something called a "fax machine" and "cellular phones"? Did you think these were just fads, techno-gimmicks with no lasting place in your Salon operation, or did you see them as new opportunities to help your business? Imagine doing business without them today?

Just like the fax machine and cell phone, the Internet is an incredible opportunity to catapult your sales to a new level by leveraging yourself with technology. The Internet is NOT a fad, either - over 15 million users are now online in Australia (over 74% of the population) and over 238 million in North America, and this number continues to grow rapidly! In fact, many experts predict that within just a few years, the Internet will be far more important to your business than your telephone.

Keep in mind, the Internet is used primarily by middle and upper-class families with children - a prime demographic for Salon marketing. The vast majority of your target market is ALREADY "on the Net".

Michael Curtis, Blush Day SpaI Get Sales Before The Salon Doors Open...

Our website is a major part of our business generating sales every day. It's great to open up the Salon in the morning and have online sales to start the day. In fact, we make money through our website while we sleep!

I'd recommend every Salon & Day Spa owner get on the internet now and if you've already got a website keep working on it to make sure it performs.

Michael Curtis, Blush Day Spa, Perth, Western Australia


Are YOU ready to capitalize on this
tremendous opportunity?

If you have not yet made the Internet a significant part of your Salon business, you're already playing catch-up! You NEED a "Customer Grabbing Website" to broadcast your sales message to the Internet "population" - a population that will continue to grow with or without you.

Hopefully, by now, I have convinced you of the importance of having a top notch Salon website as a centerpiece for your business. I'm sure you want to know how to get into this 2% and make the Internet pay-off big for you. To answer this question, it is important to understand….

Costly Mistake #2: "Image" Style Websites

A typical image style of websiteMost Salon owners believe that marketing means promoting themselves. They believe that saying they are "the best" means people will want to come to their Salon.

Every year, Salon owners from all over the globe spend millions of dollars on colourful, beautiful and expensive brochures and advertisements. These polished pieces are filled with clever lines that promise "quality", "integrity" and "service".

This type of advertising is called "image" or "institutional" advertising. Image ads usually talk about how great the person paying for the ad is. This type of advertising provides no benefits to prospects, and gives them little or no reason to favour your Salon over others.

Open any local newspaper and you'll usually find plenty of advertising filled with Salons making the same empty and meaningless boasts:

  • "I'm #1!" (Would you choose someone simply because they told you they were #1?)
  • "We Are The Biggest!"
  • "I Care About Your Business!"
  • "I Have All The Credentials and Awards!"
  • "I Provide Great Service!"

What’s wrong with ads and slogans like these? Several things....

  • they don't give prospects any compelling reason to contact you over any other Salon (anyone can make the same claims)
  • there are no benefits for the prospect (What’s in it for them?)
  • they don't tell a complete story
  • they don't make a specific offer
  • they don't include a call to action
  • they're not measurable or trackable

These "image" ads don't make the phone ring. Why? Well, to begin with, "quality", "integrity" and "service" mean different things to your prospects. These terms are too broad to be useful. Furthermore, everyone is saying the same vague old generalities.

Think about all the advertisements you are inundated with on a daily basis. Do you process all these advertisements? Or have you unconsciously (or consciously) devised a strategy to deal (or, more to the point, not deal) with all this advertising?

Of course you have. It's called Tuning-out…Ignoring. The fact of the matter is... You can't make anyone read what they're NOT interested in.

It's that simple. People don't want to be sold. But, they do want to be helped. Successful marketers understand that they must concentrate on a prospects' needs and wants. This kind of advertising is called Emotional Direct Response Marketing (or more commonly just Direct Response). With effective direct response marketing, you offer people what they are dying to know, and then they contact you to get it. Done properly, this can totally eliminate cold call prospecting by providing incentives for qualified prospects to contact you of their own choosing.

Compare the following direct response style headlines with the previous ones:

  • LADIES! $254 of Hairdressing Services for Just $99
  • If YOU Don't Absolutely Love Your New Hair Cut or Colour and Your Friends are not "Green With Envy", We Will Re-do it for FREE or Refund Your Money in FULL!
  • How To Make YOUR Mum say "WOW" This Mothers Day with a $379 Pamper Package Gift Certificate... YOU Pay Only $99

Put yourself in the shoes of someone wishing to choose a Salon. Are these headlines likely to be more effective in getting you to pick up the phone and call a Salon than the image style boasts…of course they are.

Direct Response Marketing, by its very name is self-explanatory. It is designed to get an immediate response, action, visit, call or purchasing decision from the viewer or reader. Direct response advertising directs people to action. It compels readers, viewers, or listeners to contact you before they choose a Salon.

David Glendinning Direct Response Websites

Emotional Direct Response Marketing is ideally suited for use on the Internet.

Why is this? People love to use the Internet because it offers a non-threatening and hassle-free way to gather news, facts and advice. They know they can visit your website without the pressure of talking to a sales representative or being sold. They know they won't have to talk to anyone if they don't want to. They can spend as much time as they want looking at information without feeling threatened.

Clearly, this is a double-edged sword. People know they can visit your site without the hassle of being contacted, but you want to talk to the real prospects.

The SOLUTION - use Direct Response Marketing
techniques on your website.

The last thing people want to do is "raise their hand" so that a salesperson can contact them. In order to overcome the reluctance of being sold, you must give them forceful and compelling reasons to contact you. With a direct response website, people will be compelled to leave their contact information behind in return for the free information or specialty service you will provide to them.

Nicole LarsenNew Clients Coming In Each Week...

My website now generates more new clients than any other promotion has in the past... and it continues to do so... at NO COST!

Nicole Larsen
Beauty Necessities Laser and Beauty Salon, Doncaster, Victoria

Costly Mistake #3: The Wrong Content

The Wrong Content for Your WebsiteWhile clearly the biggest mistake that most Salons make is "image"-style websites with no meaningful or compelling content, there are many other mistakes that are made when it comes to website content.

We've all seen Salon websites with pages and pages on their site showing you the latest hair styles, the prices of the beauty treatments or the packages from the Day Spa. These "salon libraries", while possibly useful to potential clients, removes any real incentive to contacting the salon and making a booking.

Think for a moment… After someone has visited and reviewed your website, what would you most like them to do?

Obviously, a salon owner would like every site visitor to leave a message that says, "Loved your website… Please can I make a booking …" While this is possible, it would surely be the exception, no matter how impressive your site is.

Identifying what your client really wants is much too complex a process to close the deal right on your website. Yet, this is exactly what most Salons try to do with their websites. They are trying to "hit a home run" instead of leading their clients to first and then helping them round the bases.

The first step in developing your website is to have a focused, achievable and quantifiable primary goal. What should your primary goal be? Here's what I recommend...

Get the MAXIMUM number of qualified clients to identify themselves when they visit your website.

With this in mind, we can now develop the right content for your site to achieve this goal. First, we must find a way to get qualified clients to identify themselves.

This can be done simply by providing FREE information and/or a GREAT Offer for services for your clients.

For example, a free report on how to choose a hair salon before you colour your hair. But this information is provided only AFTER they have identified and qualified themselves.

Contrast this with the "salon library" type of sites. In an attempt to provide a site "rich in content", the entire text of the report would be found on the website. Why would I contact the salon when I can simply read the report on their website? When I'm done, I will leave the site and move on. They will never know I was there!

Another common content mistake occurs when you see a collection of links to other websites "of interest". In most cases these links simply suck away your hard earned traffic to other sites, never to be heard from again. Usually, having the WRONG content can be traced back to.....

Costly Mistake #4: Choosing The WRONG Website Developer

Is Your Website Developer a Marketing ExpertThe vast majority of Salon website developers are technicians or graphic artists, NOT marketing experts. They spend far too much time and money developing a "cool-look" for your site, rather than presenting compelling benefits to your potential prospects.

They also invest a lot of effort linking to third party content (which usually will just bleed your traffic away), rather than working on new and better ways to ensure that visitors turn into prospects and ultimately into paying clients. If you get nothing else from this report, heed this:

WARNING: Unless your website developer really understands direct response marketing and how clients make a buying decision, don't rely on him or her to write YOUR message or develop your site!

You might be thinking that getting on the Internet is a very daunting and expensive task. Well, it can be if you hire the wrong website developer. Mistakes can prove costly! But... if you can create a website that SELLS then the cost of a website may well be worth it.

On the other hand, while many Salons may pay too much money for a website that earns them next to nothing, others cheap out. They hire a friend who builds websites "on the side". Why is this bad? Well, for starters, is your friend an expert in selling? What does your friend know about marketing? Or selling on the Internet?

Costly Mistake #5: Failing to Effectively Promote Your Website

Promote your websiteOnce your site is up and running, you'll still have to promote it to create traffic. After all, what good is the ultimate site if nobody sees it? The process of promoting and refining your website to maximize the response rate is a never-ending battle littered with expensive pot-holes.

You will continually experiment - in an attempt to find something that works…anything that works…and you could be making costly mistakes along the way. In the words of marketing super-guru Dan Kennedy,

"You can blow more money and waste more time with the Internet than any other aspect of advertising or marketing I know of, and even "smart people" are doing just that."

Has your website developer or Internet Service Provider given you a truly profitable Internet marketing plan? Do they regularly update you with insider secrets, with verifiable results that are making other salon owners rich? Listen, "Internet" is VERY "sexy". Exciting. Appealing. It's easy to hypnotize people with theories, ideas, techno-babble, and jazzy graphic websites.

Well DON'T BE SEDUCED. Virtually everything I see Salon Owners doing with so-called Internet strategies will ONLY make money for book-sellers, online auctioneers and nationwide marketers, NOT you... the Salon Owner.

Costly Mistake #6: Failing To Continually Test and Measure

Test and Measure Website ResultsThere are literally millions of decisions that go into creating a website. Admittedly some are much more important than others.

First, you want to quantify your decisions. To do this simply ask, "Will doing it this way maximize the number of qualified buyers who identify themselves to me?" Now every decision about the design of your website -- from color to graphics to content -- can be measured against your primary goal. (Get the maximum number of qualified buyers to identify themselves when they visit my website.)

Because the goal is quantifiable, you can test any changes to see if they produce better or worse results. Based on your tracked results, you can either keep the changes or revert back to the past version.

The real beauty of a direct response website, is that it allows you to test whether changes have improved the effectiveness of your site or not - provided that you have built in the statistical tools needed to track the effectiveness of your modifications.

By now it shouldn’t surprise you that most sites are NEVER tested.

If you can combine direct response marketing and continual refinement through testing and tracking with the most empowering communication medium of our time, you've got the ultimate Salon sales tool.

How big a difference can this make?

Let's say your site gets just 50 visitors each month (this is easily achievable with a minimum of promotion). If your site doesn't use direct response methods, you'll be very lucky to get one prospect a month to identify themselves.

Compare this with a site that uses the best direct response techniques -- multiple compelling benefits, forceful headlines, non-wimpy specific testimonials, carefully worded copy, and strong guarantees. With this type of site, the response rate can reach as high as 20% to 25% (conservatively, let's say ten additional prospects per month). Do the math. If you can convert just four of these extra prospects at an average sale of $100 and they visit your Salon 6 times per year, you've increased your annual revenue by over $28,000. Any increase in this response rate will go right on your bottom line!

Remember, once you have a prospect's name and contact information, you can follow-up with them to address their specific needs. If you don't get their name before they leave your site, odds are they're never going to get in touch with you.

As we'll see in a few moments, this is just the tip of the iceberg. BUT, in order to get these results, your website has to make use of direct response marketing! Every page must be loaded with offers and incentives. A headline that passes the "who cares" test. Big promises! Big guarantees! Meaty testimonials! And a call to action!

At this point, I'm sure you've got a ton of questions… "How expensive is all this technology?"... "How do I know what to put on my website to help me generate qualified leads?"... "Isn't this going to be a lot of work -- I barely have enough time in the day now?" In short...

"How do I develop a GREAT website and make a TON OF CASH, without wasting a ton of money, and still get home before my kids are in bed?"

There has to be a better way… You need to end up with more than just an expensive, Internet business card. You need a quick, easy and proven solution that will make you money, without making a big dent in your pocketbook. You need to remove all of your risk and uncertainty. And most of all, you need to AVOID the most common and costly mistakes that most Salon Owners make on the Internet.

Introducing the Ultimate
Internet Solution for Salons...

The Salon Success Website Solution!

The Salon Success Website Solution is the complete, generate-the-lead, proven-to-sell, sift-and-sort-the-prospect, automatically-follow-up, close-the-deal Internet solution, that-really-works...

It removes all of your risk and ensures that you AVOID all of the most common and costly mistakes you're likely to make along the way.

Let me break this down for you…

"Complete" - The Salon Success Website Solution is a complete turnkey solution - you get all the tools you need to become the dominant online salon in your marketplace quickly and easily. You'll get everything you need to guide you through all the steps that will make your website an instant automated money making machine.

You'll find out how to attract prospects to your website, and how to sift and sort them into qualified, ready to act, buyers. Best of all, you get a system that automatically generates dozens of new prospects and manages your online relationships with your clients.

"Automatically-Follow-Up" - As I'm sure you know, any business that doesn't use a reliable follow-up system is leaving a TON of cash on the table. A system that delivers the complete sales message. A system that will make clients remember your name. A system that stays in touch with your clients for repeat business, referrals, and testimonials with minimal effort. Once identified, each prospect can automatically be delivered a complete campaign of messages that will be delivered at pre-set intervals for as long as you want.

How does it work? …

We will design and build your website and help you create an unfair advantage for yourself by using cutting edge technology. Your website will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without complaint.

And we make use of the latest technology. And in the beginning you don't need to know anything about computers or the Internet!

We take care of everything -- initial development, programming, and website hosting. You don't need to find a separate Internet Service Provider to host your site. Your website will be up and running on the Internet in a short space of time with a support team behind it that understands the Salon business.

Once it's online, your website will be working for you. You can then start marketing the website to your clients and prospects and you will get more leads and increased sales. If you have questions, we'll be there to answer them.

Just like any other technology, all you really need to know is how to use it successfully. Let the technical experts worry about how it works.

Our Salon Success Website Team takes the guesswork out of what you need on your website. We provide all the information you need to make this system come to life: complete, easy to understand, step-by-step instructions to promote your site and follow-up the leads to maximize your sales. And as your business grows, we'll be there to help you apply new strategies to your website.

** Important UPDATE! **

Just added...

Want to see the result of a Salon Success Website?
Check out the Before and After website
of a Salon Success Client

Here's the Before... (click on image to view the website)

Original Salon Website

And Now Check The After... (click on image to view the website)

Click on image to view website

The Result!

Within 2 weeks of the Website Makeover...

  • Improved Search Engine Ranking
  • Increased Keyword Search Engine Listings
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Increased Traffic
  • Increased Client Opt-in
  • Increased Client Response Direct to Clinic

Ann LockhartMy Website is Now Making Sales... in just 3 Weeks!

I have had my business on the internet for quite some time now but was always trying to work out how my website could make me money. I was getting some traffic but I knew that I was missing out on converting most of it to sales. I had no idea what to do next.

Then I made the decision to take up the offer of a Salon Success Website. David Glendinning laid out the strategy for me to create a money making website, to turn my website visitors into sales. It has only been three weeks with my new website and here’s what’s happened…

  • More clients contacting me from my website.
    Result: More Sales
  • My website is being found as I’m appearing higher in the search engines
    Result: Increased Traffic > More Visitors > More Sales
  • My website is appearing more often in search engines based on my keywords relating to the services I offer
    Result: Increased Traffic > More Visitors > More Sales
  • Improved visitor experience for all my services
    Result > Visitors stay on my website longer and see my Offers

I’m finally feeling like my website is working for me and I know that’s just the start. I’d totally recommend the Salon Success Website Solution… unless you’re my competition!

Anne Lockhart - Advanced Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetic Clinic

What is Included?

You may not understand fully all of the items listed below... That's OK... Rest assured, the goal is to have a website that works for you 24/7, achieves good rankings in the search engines and attracts new prospects to your online list.

12 months Website Hosting
Professional Header
based on your own design or one designed for you
Template Design
so that you can easily add other pages when required
Dynamic Menu layout
Home Page
About You Page
Contact Page
Contact Form and Thank You Page
Services/Products Page
you can access your emails from anywhere with internet access
Up to 5 Email Addresses
Original Website Backup
Ability to Add/Edit Pages
Keyword Research
RSS Feed and/or Blog Capabilities
Audio/Video Capabilities
Newsletter Opt in Form
Auto Responder Setup
will require an ongoing monthly fee around $40 per mth to an autoresponder service.
5 Auto Responder Messages setup for you and ready to use
Auto Updating XML Sitemap
essential for Search Engine listing
On Page Search Engine Optimization
General Consulting

The Basic Option?

There are two website levels that you can order. The Basic option will get you up and running straight away but lack some of the essential items you need to be the number 1 website in your market.. The more advanced Premium Salon Success Website Solution is for those who are truly serious about dominating their market on the Internet.

The Basic Option will provide you with a website that will allow you to showcase your salon business to your prospects and clients. However, it will be limited in that it will not harness the true power of a Direct Response, money making website machine working for you 24/7.

The real power is in the Premium version. This is where you will get all the benefits of a Direct Response, money pulling website machine.

Why YOU Should Choose The Premium Option!

It's simple... if you are truly serious about being the dominate internet salon in your market the choice is obvious. Do you desire to continually attract prospects to your salon, create an automatic system to follow up, sell your products and services online, have a presence in the search engines so that prospects can easily find you?

Then you absolutely need to choose the Premium option... and take ACTION Now!

Robyn CurnowMy New Website Only Took 3 Weeks... And NEW clients are coming in every day!

"I now need more staff as I'm now turning clients away as I can't fit them all in... You cannot believe the stress I experienced over the past 15 months with other so called web designers. You made it all seem easy!

- Robyn Curnow, Beauty On Ryrie, Ringwood Victoria

Imagine what the Salon Success Website could
do for your business! Is Your Current Website
Making You BIG Money?

Maybe you think this isn't for you because you've already got a website.

  • Does it use proven Direct Response techniques?
  • Does it give visitors a reason to contact you?
  • Does it create an ongoing stream of highly qualified prospects?
  • Can people find it?
  • Does it contribute effectively to your bottom line?
  • Are you able to keep the content on your site current and useful for your clients?

Chances are that you have answered NO to at least one of these critical questions. One thing is for sure, however: once you have a Salon Success Website Solution, your answer to all of these questions will be YES!

How Much Will This Cost?

You might be wondering how much it's going to cost you to create your own Money Making Direct Response website? Well I'm going to tell you that it will definitely not break your bank account.

I have a solution for every budget... don't think you can't afford this.

Each of you will certainly have different needs and this has to be determined first. That's why, when you register your interest, either myself or one of my team will get on the telephone and help you work out what's right for you.

PLUS, we can also offer payment terms, so much up front and then the balance over a few months. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable for YOU.

Or maybe you still think that you cannot afford it. Have you considered how much you're going to spend in time and money to do this on your own, month after month, with no guarantee of success? With the Salon Success Website Solution, we do the work for you, while you get on with other more important things. You can be a complete Internet novice, and you can happily stay that way while adding the advantages of new technology to your business. How much is that worth to you? Is it worth at least $20,000? (rest assured, you'll be paying no where near that much). Because that's what your website could be making you within 12 months of signing up.

AND, by using a proven system that will reinvent your entire salon business, you'll close more sales with less work. Wouldn't you rather be home playing with your kids than on the telephone hunting for prospects.

And your Results are Guaranteed!

I want to make this as easy as possible for you because I know you’ll thank me later.

Your "Risk Is On Me" Guarantee...

No Risk Money Back GuaranteeYou'll love what the Salon Success Website will do for your business. In fact we'll guarantee it...

If after 12 months, you are not getting MORE Free Traffic from the Search Engines, MORE Clients and Making MORE Sales, then we will re-build it and work with you to get better Results... for FREE!

We can't be any fairer than that... You either make money from your new website or you get it re-done for FREE!

Will any other Salon Website Provider guarantee the success of your website. Will they stand behind not only their product, but the results you'll get to experience from it. We will, and WE DO!


Bottom line... We're taking all the risk.
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

There’s just one catch...

You MUST respond quickly, ACT NOW!

We're limiting the number of Salon Success Websites that we're going to do. You see... a lot of time and effort goes into creating these websites and we expect to be overwhelmed with Salon Owners wanting to take up this offer. At this stage we're limiting this to just 7 Salons... once they're gone, they're gone.

So if you're TRULY serious about becoming the dominant Internet Salon in your marketplace you MUST take ACTION Now!

Costly Mistake #7: Failing To Act When Opportunity Knocks

Many people get left behind because they don’t seize an opportunity when it presents itself to them. Complacency kills. You now hold in your hands the opportunity of a lifetime - the chance to completely revolutionize the way you run your salon business - to exponentially multiply your salon sales, and work less while doing it!

How much is that worth to you, your family, your life? And the best part is that this opportunity is totally guaranteed!

All you have to do is say "MAYBE"...

Act now! Not only will you get the ultimate Salon Success Website Solution, that could make you at least an extra $20,000 in sales over the next year, not to mention years to come... but you'll also save big!

Stop! Act Now!Here's what's likely to happen. We'll quickly get those "quick to act" Salon Owners take us up on this offer. And when they start to experience success, the price for the Salon Success Website Solution will increase. If you act now... you will save big!

I know what some of you are thinking: "This sounds good, even too good to be true. But I'll try it out and if I don't get the results I'll just get my money back. That's fine with me!

If you're not delighted with everything that we deliver, I'll eat the cost of creating this website for you. But if you stick with us and are truly ecstatic with the results, you have to promise to help me out by sending me your success story and personally recommending us to another Salon Owner (it could be a friend in your area, but you'll probably want to recommend it to a Salon Owner clear across the country and keep our service as your "little secret"). Sound fair? Have we got a deal?

I genuinely want your Salon Success Website Solution to help build your business beyond your wildest expectations. That's why we provide as much information as we can on how to get the most out of your new website - how to customize it, promote it, deal with new prospects, the whole shebang.

This Offer CANNOT Last…

Now is the time to ACT! If you don't act, you will never really know what you're missing! You'll never see the genuine rewards that a proven, professionally designed, automated Internet selling system can deliver.

If You're Not On The Internet,
You're Already Behind!

What excuse do you make when asked for your email or website address - and you haven't got one? Can you afford to appear "behind the times" to your clients, customers, vendors and associates? Or is it important to you to be perceived as successful, savvy and in tune with the trends in today's Salon market?

If you already have a website, chances are that it is little more than an electronic brochure and you're missing out on a goldmine. When was the last time your Internet provider gave you a marketing strategy that instantly multiplied your income with little or no effort on your part. We'll even help you switch your existing domain to a Salon Success Website Solution.

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