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Hi, I’m David Glendinning founder and creator of

Are you looking for a Salon  website solution that actually…

  • gets more traffic to your Salon website
  • generates more leads
  • puts more money into your cash register

You may already have a Salon website. Then to achieve a solution for you it may just require a few hours of phone consulting and coaching. If you don’t have a Salon website then it may require research, planning, implementation and management of your complete online salon marketing system.

If you’re looking for a serious partner to help you produce a “money making, lead generating” online Salon business then please read on.

The Fact is… most Salon Owners Have Not Got a Clue about the Internet!

And not only that… they are confused and frustrated with all this Internet stuff.

And when they start thinking about the type of website they want they believe it has to be just like the one their competition has! A website that shows just how fabulous looking and upmarket  their Salon is.

Now I’m not against a great looking website… it should be. But the main goal of your website should be to

  • Get more visitors to your website
  • Qualified Leads that convert to paying clients
  • More Sales
  • Automated Follow Up Marketing system
  • More Profits!

I can help you discover the answers to these questions. Answers that will result in more visitors, more leads and more sales from your website.

Plus… I can show you how to take advantage of Web 2.0 strategies to make your website even more of a “money making” machine.

So, before YOU take the next step;

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To your website success!

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